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Please include following information in the email about your computer system:
  • Name of the game that is causing problems.
  • Describe your problem as best as you can. If you get an error message, please include it.
  • Direct X diagnose. To create the DxDiag.txt, please do the following:
    a) Run DXDIAG.EXE from your Start menu (click Start, Run... then type "dxdiag" and hit Enter)
    b) Click the "Save all Information" button, located at the bottom of the program window
    c) Save the file as "dxdiag.txt"
    d) Attach the file "dxdiag.txt" to the email.
  • Be sure to contact us with a valid email address.
  • Please provide as much details as you can. It will help us solve your problems.
  • You can also check out our Forum for help and describe your problem in a message.

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