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    Hi guys
    needing help with Jack Orlando.How do I get to the casino.I just can't find it.Thank you for the support.Melina

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    Hi Melina,

    The Casino is in a back room of the restuarant that is across the street from the Night O'Granis.

    I have the Casino Ticket but the guard is not in the restaurant.

    If Bellinger is dead then you have reached a dead end. I hope you have more than one saved game. If not, you will have to start the game over. The walkthrough you may be using is for the Original 1996 release and will not help for the Director's Cut. They made quite a few changes in the Director's Cut including an unfortunate dead end. Before you get to Downtown area in Act II you need to pick up the newspaper lying next to the trashcan in the crime scene. You need to give this newspaper to someone at the Hotel that will trigger the appearance of the Chinaman. The Cigarettes also need to be given to someone at the Hotel that will allow you to get into the Small Talk Bar. You need to get something from the floor in the Small Talk Bar to give to someone else. You should know who to give this item to because of what it is. All of this has to be done before Bellinger dies.

    Our Jack Orlando Director's Cut Walkthrough can be found at:

    I have both the Casino Ticket and Chip but the guard is not in the restaurant.

    I assume you are playing in Normal Mode. Since you have both the chip and the card, then you must have simply missed some critical conversation, like with the guy in front of the Cotton Club. I happen to know this is one of those conversations (actually hitting him) that has to occur because it happened to me. I had restored to a previous game and couldn't get the guard in front of the Casino door to appear until it finally dawned on me that I had probably forgotten to talk to the guy in front of the Cotton Club (and use fist on him). Sure enough, as soon as I did, that triggered the appearance of the guard in front of the Casino door.

    Take care,

    Mr. Bill

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    Thumbs up Thank you for the game!

    Hello, First of all, I'd like to sincerely thank the team that worked hard to bring us this game
    Guys, thank you, you did great!
    Hope to see new adventure games from you
    And thank you for the beautiful soundtrack!

    Next, I was wondering, is there any chance that this game be added to the ScummVM's supported games list?
    I personally think that that would mean that this game would not only work on Windows, but on consoles, it will be remembered once again and this can really get you some game sales for this old jewel!

    Anyways, thanks also to Akella team for making a HQ russian translation (Everything is awesome, only Jack Orlando's voice actor is a bit grumpy IMHO)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Bill View Post
    I would recommend that you save often and save many different games under different names for two reasons:

    One, Jack can die often in Normal Mode and you don't want to have to start the game all over from the beginning.

    Two, You can reach a "dead end" where your only choice is to start over or go back to an earlier save and re-do things in a more logical order.

    Jack cannot die in Easy Mode.
    Good tips! I always save the games because it happened to start over a few times.

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