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    Lightbulb Reasons why S.W.I.N.E. should be open sourced

    THQ Nordic Games ❤ Ignoring!

    Please make S.W.I.N.E. Open source because:
    1.Community want to create more awensome things, and mod game how they like... Create maps with map editor, not hex and models....
    2. And before it becomes abonware it can be ported to new technologies like "Vulkan" rendering, and still work on new Windows Versions w/o emulating or creating virtual pc
    3. It also can be ported to linux, so no need for Compatibility Layer
    4. Improving it, just like Warzone 2100 game

    JoWood Published it!
    You still have it on your download server
    Still Exsiting forums
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