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    Lightbulb Reasons why S.W.I.N.E. should be open sourced

    Just to save everyone's time i'm going keep everything simple.

    People like me, really want this game to be open source
    And make it's unofficial source code based sequel...
    Amazing things can be done. Possibly this game is something special to me
    And still existing community after 16 years

    1. Update DirectX8 to DirectX11
    this useful for getting almost lag free multiplayer.

    2. Possibility of porting to other platforms

    3. Bigger modding possibilities (completely new models...)
    And many other things could be done with source code. Like using Vulkan or OpenGL API

    Because Stormregion didn't made Public map editor everyone in small (today) community can't make maps that
    And it isn't that easy with HEX Editor for beginner. Modding is limited, since only old things can be edited
    (By saying I mean hex editing the game EXE like changing now dead GameSpy IP's to qTracker,
    making game to use external resources like textures, tank properties. Both be edited thanks to Fan made Panzers tools being almost compatible with SWINE and my program to bypass file check

    Gepard 2 (Used in Codename Panzers Phase 1 and 2) is compatible with swine models however game dosent know mesh names so
    and can't do animations. (I made video )

    ==Why I think Source code is here==
    First S.W.I.N.E. is still here living in forums
    Second It was published by JoWood which was bought by Nordic, right? And if I know correctly Publishers should have source code too
    Three There still SWINE Patches living in Nordic Server*

    =About Me=
    I currently making Z.W.I.N.E. fan made sequel to swine
    Not a lot of progress since its made when i have free time and anyways going to be free
    New Maps cant be made since i'm not yet experienced with HEX Map Editing
    I also make free mini-tools for few games (Like "Switch")
    And thats for now. I hope someone reading this at Nordic could atleast do something and not ignore Email I sent previously
    And also If Nordic decided to make S.W.I.N.E. Steam version... Well thats not going be very high sales because Stormregion (developer) made this game (1.9 as last version) free.

    *I found with Google "s.w.i.n.e. nordic games"
    [I'm trying to get similar story like "Warzone 2100" has (as in Fans contacting publisher game to be OpenSource)]

    At least a map editor for swine would be nice for everyone. But there is no hope because this post is being ignored, email i sent also got ignored (no response yet)
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