Don't get me wrong, i love MXGP and MXGP2. They're the European tracks, and i really enjoy their games (and they even added some 4 Supercross tracks and Glenn Helen). However, i always thought MX ATV to be more along the AMA.

Given that, looking at the Nationals Tracks for the PS4 fellas, it seems we have a couple of American Tracks, but the rest are European or Japanese. Well, that's MXGP. We have that game.

I really enjoyed Reflex, because although fiction, we got to race in Alabama, Texas, Oregon, Upstate NY, Rhode Island etc (a few foreign tracks, but for the most by far American Tracks).

I'm asking the Developers (and maybe they answered this, and if they have, i'm sorry) for many more National Tracks based in the US for Xbox One or all of us. I would even pay for the DLC if they went that direction (we shouldn't have too, but i'll take it).