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    Oversea Harbours

    Oversea Harbours

    anyone knows how to edit values for oversea harbours in editor section ?

    forum used to have a topic with full explanation, i searched it again today, but cant find it
    any help is really appreciated.
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    Straight from editor readme:

    How to Build an Overseas Harbour
    To be able to do business with the markets not contained in your map you have to erect an overseas harbour with a special warehouse.
    Please, take care that the yellow square appears exactly above the rear right corner of your harbour, while you are building it. Moreover, you can only construct a harbour on solid ground — not on water.
    The connected storage place has to be built within the catchment area of the harbour. Both buildings have to be marked green to be linked closely enough for the beaming of goods.

    How to Regulate Import/Export:
    Press the Strg-key and simultaneously left click on your harbour. Now you get into a menu with two windows.
    In the right window you select — as during gameplay — those industries and products which are to be exported by your harbour.
    At the very bottom you click the right arrow next to the plus-sign to determine the quantities of goods that have to be stored in your special warehouse.

    How to Fix Economic Stability:
    The percentage scale helps you to set the economic fluctuations that influence your harbour.
    If you set the switch at 100 %, trade is going to be stable. The lower the percentage rate is, the more your overseas trade fluctuates.

    Settings for Import/Export Goods:
    For each product you want to import or export in your overseas harbour, you must click at least one of the little squares. If it is activated, a tick will appear in it.
    Column 1: If you click one of the little squares in the first column, the product is immediately available.
    Column 2: If the tiny square is active, this product may be added in the course of time.
    Column 3: Here you determine by clicking, if a product can be replaced by others.
    Finally, confirm your settings by clicking the tiny green tick.

    Please, note: At any given moment you can import or export eight overseas goods maximum at the same time.

    Strg-key (german keyboards) mentioned above is Ctrl-key.

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