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    Paypal questions

    So yesterday I discovered about Deep Descent and found out about the option to support it through Paypal. As I loved the old Aquanox games I decided to support it and got the "Ultimate Digital Kickstarter Edition". However, I haven't received a confirmation outside of the default Paypal one yet, so I wanted to ask if that is normal. Additionally, I was wondering about certain rewards, such as the name in the credits and on the memorial plate and the Aquanox and Aquanox Revelations steam keys. How do I submit my name and receive the keys? Is that something that comes later?
    Thank you for your time.

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    Paypal answers

    Hey mate I had a few of the same questions, and got this full response ....hope it helps

    The only limitations as a paypal-backer are Kickstarter-related (you can't comment in the Kickstarter-chat I think). But you will of course receive all benefits of your pledge and have full access to the backer forum (info below).

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
    your Aquanox Team

    Joining the Aquanox Deep Descent Backer Forum

    If you are reading this, it means that you have backed us with 10$ or more, for what we would like to give you our heartfelt thank you again!
    It's time to prepare for voting, so below you'll find information about how to join our exclusive Aquanox Deep Descent Backers Forum, where the Stretch Goals voting will take place.
    To get access to the exclusive backer forum for Aquanox Deep Descent, please visit and register an account first. Please make sure to use the same name and e-*‐mail address for your account that you have also used for PayPal.
    You will receive an activation link for your account via e-*‐mail. If you don’t want to use the name of your Kickstarter account, you already have an account, or you experience any other problem, please send a private forum message to ANNOmaniac.
    Once you are logged in, click on “Settings” in the top right corner, then navigate to “Permission Groups” and join the “Aquanox Backer” group by selecting it and clicking the “Join Group” button below the list. The screenshot below shows you where to find it. We will then check your request and welcome you to our exclusive board shortly afterwards.

    TLDR : dont worry you will still get all the cool loot, if you want to have more input you need to join the 'Aquanox Backer' forum.

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