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    Windows 10 + NVIDIA

    Few months ago i changed my win7 to win10 (option without loosing my files - not a total reinstal) and now I decided to play IG2 again.
    I had IG2 (Addon) installed with NVIDIA MOD before and it worked fine, but now it isn't.
    Game is launching, but there is very low refresh rate and textures are flashing dark. Choosing anything in menu (or even moving mouse to quickly) makes it crash. It is a little better in 98 compability mode - main menu apears as it should and I can load map or save, but colors are "blurig to dark" after every action (moving camera, click, etc.). Also perfomance still makes it unplayable.
    Has anyone launched it on Win10? Any suggestions?
    PS.: In any compability mode game launches in square resolution - I can see black strips on sides of my screen.
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