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    Lightbulb New Mod Incoming

    Hey there. It's me again, yes, the moder of Indian race mod. I've seen that the indian race mod was quiet good. This time I've been working on a higher skill moding lvl. Thnx to some of my friends I decided to make another mod, which is Battle of Hellas. It's basically a Battle Arena mod (something like Dota 2, LoL, and so on). This time I've been working full focus without making mistakes. So far I've done something and I'm gonna send u the link so that u can check it out... it's nothing at the moment, and what I mean by that is... that u can simply make only one hero and play with him. The AI is not moded so it means that if u want to play with the comp... it ain't gonna work. But if u have someone on LAN, get ready for some action, btw if u want to check all of the heros just click the console button (~), and put the following thing in it: [giveme_all]. U can alwasys choose the AI to play with spartans so that u can check the heroes out . This mod will have a lot of things, special updates (every winter update will have snow, it's a little something to keep the moods up ). But enough said, here u go the download LINK
    Owh and if u want the game but u don't have it (for some reason) here are the links to download it (PARTS):
    part 1: click
    Part 2: click
    Part 3: click
    Part 4: click
    Part 5: click
    RAR PASSWORD IS: (I'm not trying to advertise...)

    What I have to finish yet:
    1) Created the first house of 9 heroes [FINISHED]
    - 2 Begging OP Heroes [2/2 Done]
    - 2 Range Support Heroes [2/2 Done]
    - 2 Melee Support Heroes [2/2 Done]
    - 2 Juggernaut Heroes [2/2 Done]
    - 1 Epic Hero [1/1 Done]
    2) Created the second house of 9 heroes
    - 2 Begging OP Heroes [1/2 Done]
    - 2 Range Support Heroes
    - 2 Melee Support Heroes
    - 2 Juggernaut Heroes [1/2 Done]
    - 1 Epic Hero
    3) Created a special map for this mod
    4) Created a compatible AI system for this mod
    5) Created 10 max player size
    6) Made Online gameplay available

    I hope u'll be patient, I'm trying my best to make this mod look awesome. I hope u'll play it yourself, and if u do that, I hope get some feedback on what should be changed. OFC there's gonna be a vclip like last time, but not now... myb in a week or so.
    Will stay in touch...

    Edit: 11.03.2015
    Hello there, if u were waiting for some new update I have to tell u that this is my last update on this forum. My mod has been authorized by the community so I'll be posting and uploading there from now on.
    My mod on
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