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    Some thoughts on atmosphere, look & feel, crew members, and coop mode

    I like many of the ideas posted here - and agree with most comments.

    I'd value a good immersive story and atmosphere a lot.
    Similar to a few other posters, I especially liked Archimedean Dynasty (Schleichfahrt) in this respect.

    * I would also prefer a certain level of realism. Players should feel that they are underwater, with submarines and weapons behaving somewhat sturdy. Gameplay should be unique compared to games with e.g. airplanes or space ships. There could be special weapons or submarines that are fast. However, effects should make clear that a lot of energy is involved (e.g. via sound, cockpit vibration, extreme light emission) - or they might by bionic.
    * Atmosphere could generally be pretty dark/gloomy(?) (visuals mainly in shades of darker blue, outside noise in low frequency) - but also including some nice areas/elements. Possibly a colorful coral reef. Or if you turn off your motor and wait, you will see a lot of sea life. There should be attractive companions/NPCs.

    I like the idea of "swirling up of sand and it's impact on gameplay" - including hiding. The latter seems interesting combined with current (e.g. reduce visibility at the destination of the current).

    In my dream-Aquanox (without budget restrictions), it would be possible to have multiple crew members on board of bigger submarines. They could e.g. control turrets or work in the machine room - possibly trying to repair damage.
    * The crew could change and members could level - similar to a party in a RPG.
    * They talk to you during missions (very different characters would be cool - I currently have a Jagged Alliance in mind - or maybe Star Trek). That would make the possibly dark atmosphere less lonely and more emotional.
    * "we have implemented a free-view option that lets you look around your cockpit and interact with it." [on Kickstarter]. It would be cool to see e.g. a crew member sitting next to you.
    * Crew members on turrets would typically be controlled by AI and can be instructed on what to do (instead of using turret software).

    Apart from that, I very much appreciate the plans for coop mode.
    In the Geman Forums, the user Vorlod mentioned that he played Archimedean Dynasty together with a friend - one pilot and one weapons specialist doing the keyboard work.
    I think that this kind of coop (co-controlling a single submarine) could also be a lot of fun - and wonder whether it would be a good idea to support it officially. For this to work, there would need to be sufficient options and challenges with weapons and navigation. Balancing with one-player mode might be difficult. Maybe only the big submarines with multiple crew members (see above) should have so many options => you actually play different crew members.
    As the planned coop is based on the 4 pilots, this would probably have to mean that the pilots are not always in separate submarines, but can also co-control single submarines.
    To make co-control more interesting, maybe also small submarines (controlled by a second player) can be launched or detached from a big one.

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    Wink i am again...MEN! know the drill

    So I finally managed to work out an internet problem I had (and started thinking about a reply)
    Some days later I finally managed to post it…happy reading everyone!

    Soooooo… reading your guys’ replies I realised that I didn’t express myself the way I wanted, and you guys misunderstood…sorry…my bad…

    Very long story made shorter…I think I like the idea of weapon armour, I just want the guns to be visible as a virtual image in the cockpit that can be turned off for those that wanna enjoy the view or see the enemies better (you could make it so we can position the weapon displays wherever we want on the screen so we can have guns not only on the corners and middles of the sides of the screen (wordception detected))

    I like the idea of a dark scary world with many shades of blue, light rays and deep shadows…..and pet monsters. (Unless you have sensors on, at which point you can see pretty well)
    I’m not a fan of coop or multi in general so I will not go there.
    (I would rather talk to hal9000 even if he kills me rather than talk to a human being…
    Machines impress me with their “perfection” and precision…I think machines will make great companions due to their wisdom and intelligence, even if wisdom is not guaranteed, intelligence is.
    I mean…look at the machine you look at right now…so……………..perfect and *tears up* beautiful.)
    I hope AI’s with personalities and voices can be found in deep descent, even if only bionts fit that category, I wanna befriend them and then listen and learn from their wisdom filled monologues.
    (Ironically these will be voiced and scripted by humans……to my despair….Hey, a man can dream!)
    I can’t think of a brilliant and wise machine that makes you feel inferior in every way from any media…
    Maybe Hal and glados? Dunno…if you think of any feel free to tell me.

    Micromotion layers...hmmm...that’s a good and EXPENSIVE upgrade my friend....(badass idea btw)

    I think active sensors should be for the dogfighter and the paranoid (sniperophobia) lel.
    Active sensors are jarring to everyone around so npcs get angry if you ping all the time.
    In combat or stealth it gives your position away so it’s best to rely on passives.
    (Long range weapons are very deadly and fast, best option other than dying is not to get detected and get close to knife fight range)

    In my opinion all ships should transmit a directional IFF signal to each other.
    If ships are neutral or friendly to each other (determined by a pilot unique address and profile)
    They can see each other at extreme ranges (beyond visual range aka bvr and bsr: beyond sonar range)
    But hostile ships don’t transmit this signal to their enemies and as such hostiles must be searched for.
    Snipers and scouts might also want to turn off this in case enemies have IFF jammers.
    (That list them as friendly, with small identity hiccups every now and in: the icon turns from green to red or grey for a fraction of a second, which should also happen with all ships regardless of affiliation but at a much lower rate)

    Snipers, dogfighters, hit and run guys, all should be available in the open world as npc types...
    So some camp off of mountain cliffs all the time, waiting for the best prey to get in his crosshairs,
    Dogfighters are armed with gatling guns and MIRV combat torpedoes.
    (combat as in: short range good turn rate)

    Long range combat...

    I didn’t envision it as “shooting small undistinguishable dots on the screen”...
    For that there are telescopes....oh wait....damn...wrong 6dof environment....awkward....
    Zooming in is very underrated in games...I’m not talking a puny x8 magnification here
    I mean zooming in on the sonar HUD display to the point where you can count the bullets coming out of the enemy ship’s gatling gun...WHEN THE DAMN THING IS 5 KILOMETERS AWAY BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....ahem...sniping should be difficult, with railgun shots being affected by currents and ASCT’s should be easy to counter with towed arrays and buzzers...
    The only game where zooming in is awesome at the moment (that I know of) is “From the depths”.
    Get out the binoculars in that game, zoom in as far as it will go and fire a giant ass cannon at an enemy...the pure awesomeness as the cannon shell quickly gets smaller to the point where it becomes nearly 2d and then impacts and blows up something is amazing.
    It would be like playing the deadliest game of predict where the enemy will go next, and where the currents take your shell (you could get a shell path predictor that uses info from the last fired shell and predicts your next shot’s path with some error.)
    It’s a high risk high reward job that needs patience, skill, and a broad swear inclined vocabulary as your deadly shells miss the enemy again and again, and ASCT’s fly past you continuously (and don’t hit you cause you’re too good)....and then like a find the optimal impact trajectory and after just 4 shells hit...that damn freighter sinks.
    (Unless you suck at sniping and either you were counter sniped, drawn into a knife fight by the freighter’s escort that eventually got to you, or you got hit by an ASCT and got your railgun or sonar blown off.)

    Snipers can NOT engage small targets unless they are dumb and fly in a straight line or are big or close enough.
    (ASTC’s don’t target close targets and railguns are oneshot wonders but have very slow gimbals and reloading times, and they don’t have visible crosshairs so you must target enemies and hope the gimbal is right when pulling the trigger)
    (Don’t you tell me you didn’t enjoy the super howitzer in AN1, oneshotting small fighters, cause you did, admit it) destroy a freighter, a bomber and oneshot a dumb what...
    NOW IT’S KILLING TIME BWAAHAHAHHAAHAH....ahem...railguns are heavy weapons...thus are exposed on the hull (you can’t fit a railgun inside a phobocaster if the damn thing is bigger than the ship itself).
    On the PBC the Heavy weapon mounts would be under the “wings” and because heavy weapons are so big they are vulnerable to enemy fire, and as such you have to add armour to them.
    (Also a great idea from other smart people)
    The dogfighting.....*exhales*.....I gave this so much thought as I felt like I didn’t mention anything about it.

    Summary: dipol drives are overhauled in this game and replace the booster module.
    Dipol drive not only lets you teleport, it also lets you slip through space while “phased out” for short periods of time...sure it has a 20-30 second delay and cannot allow bigger ships (freighters) to slip,
    But it allows quick dodging or closing distance at great speeds.
    This system works on a time limit so the bigger your ship the more time you have in phase but all ships are still susceptible to damage like this, (and the bigger the ship the slower it moves)
    And all ships have a similar slip range due to speed\time balance (unless you upgrade the drive)
    You can try to fire your weapons like this but good luck in hitting anything at this speed.

    This slipping mechanic allows a quick fighter to get away or keep up with a large ship (that also slips), get behind it or circle it, while a slower bomber should be able to make a gap between it and the attacking fighters in order to turn and use its longer ranged weapons.
    Long recharge time ensures that it’s not spammed and is only used to get a temporary advantage.

    Optical sensors (different from armour-cockpit cameras) are a great idea, expensive and short range 500m-ish but cannot be stopped (yet disturbed by powerful light sources like lasers and searchlights)...

    All in all I would love weapons to be deadly
    (Don’t spam a plasma gatling for half an hour do destroy an enemy)
    5-10 seconds on the enemy fighter and BOOM (seems little but landing shots could be tricky, especially on slow turning ships without gimbals, where you have to mount weapons backwards to hit behind you or to your sides)
    15-20 seconds on heavy fighter and BOOM
    25-30 seconds on bombers and BIG BOOM.
    45-60 seconds on bigger ships and CLUSTER BOOMS
    And that’s a plasma gatling with high rate of fire, low range config (kinetic weapons are stronger than most energy weapons as they use ammo, energy weapons that require long pre-charging times are just as powerful as kinetics)
    In AN1
    The doom mortar...the one that sounds like a piece of cloth ripping when firing was the best weapon in the game along with the sizzler. They required skill to lead the fast enemies but 2\3 shotted any enemy fighter, both good at close range but slow to reload and great at range, with sizzler being a sniper and mortar being easier to aim at longer range when enemy didn’t move much.
    Also can’t stress this enough bullets must be LIGHTNING FAST (at least vendetta speed)
    Unless you bring a slow doom mortar like weapon back, to which I say, make it even slower and make the projectile accelerate over time, and also increase the damage.

    I suppose that now that I just played AN1 and 2 again I can say that you could include a linear engine type, a manoeuvrability engine type and a dipol enhancing engine.
    Linear=much greater fwd\rev speed, as in cavitation speed, slow turning and strafing good for fighting while going backwards.
    Manoeuvring engine=slow ship overall but greatly improved strafing and turning capability
    Dipol=faster slip and dipol jump regen and range, basic performance

    Playing AN 1’s dogfight instant action, reminded me that the twitch shooter part of AN was so you can make it just as fast paced but make torpedoes much faster and more agile.
    (As in: only avoidable if you have a linear engine and go perpendicular to it, unless it’s a proportionally guided torp, which means that it actually predicts and leads your trajectory, those are only escapable with buzzers and\or shooting them.)

    I found ship speeds in an1 to be quite ok even though you could make them go a little faster with cavitation risk.
    Make ships tend to turn right side up but allow us to turn upside down if necessary.

    I now agree fully that close dogfights should be like in AN1...I MEAN IT!!!

    Just make the controls just as responsive and allow us to stealth and snipe by whatever principles you decide to implement from my or others’ posts (if any).

    Another thing...sounds...

    Compulsory additions to deep descent: torpedo launch sound and travel sound, Torpedo siren (alarm), enemy lockon sound, laser gatling secondary fire sound, vendetta gatling sounds, plasma gatling primary fire sound.
    Those sounds are timeless if you can reuse them or give them a facelift and include them somewhere in the game (maybe an easteregg mode where you get all old sounds and weapons), or even just make the weapons come back (customizable now), and keep their respective sounds.

    Atmosphere...Dark, scary, like the menu music in AN1, music changes when in open combat to combat songs (loved the ones in AN1, AN2 was meh).

    If you do not want to implement the content from AN1, AN2 and AD into this one...make it so that we can mod it to the point where we can recreate the older games in this new engine.
    Mod custom music (AN1 soundtrack for me)
    Mod custom sounds (also AN1 sounds)
    Mod custom missions with handy generator\editor (not exactly necessary but ads to replayability infinitely)
    Mod custom ship models and systems (more AN1 stuff for me)

    Interface: the most important thing in a complex game...make it minimalistic and easy to read...
    That means: really small minimalistic ship icons (small dots or crosses) that only display range and name as text underneath them with a small 3d arrow pointing at the ships’ heading.
    When you target a ship (or set your HUD to detailed mode) the crosses turn into 3d animated ghosting’s of the ships, with all information such as cargo, weapons, health, subsystem status, etc. being visible.
    This info should also be available on MFD’s, that are virtual floating configurable panels you can drag around, open, close, and chose what info to display. (These work in tandem with the “clean” HUD mode allowing you to keep the view clean while seeing info on the mfd’s)
    Also the HUD is fully configurable: Map mfd, target info panel, target icon size and complexity, info displayed about ships without a lock, info with lock, etc.
    All of those are customisable to fit preference, as in amount of info to display and position.

    By now you can probably see that I’m obsessed with AN1.
    That ain’t gonna I hope you make this game feel like AN1 but with complexity surpassing even AD.

    Just as a reply...I AM IN LOVE WITH ENTROX AND THE PHOBOCASTER I want to see them in this game as customisable, or premade “premium ships” that are really expensive and op, make them be called like “timeless legends” or something.
    And....I always thought that those succubus designs seem alien...biont those ships have a backstory, other than being an entrox experimental bomber series?

    I know that the phobocaster is the first series of ships to leave machina antarctica so it’s an ENTROX made ship, YEEEESSSSS!!!!!! (Technically made by former entrox scientists)


    I would say that originally the PBC was designed as a test bed for the most powerful engines made in aqua, and when no other ship hull managed to house the engines, without them breaking, malfunctioning or succumbing to cavitation heat, the scientists decided to make the PBC into a racer\Tech bomber hybrid.
    The Gargantuan Phobocaster casts fear even into the heaviest bombers, being faster than any ship in aqua (non-biont) and being twice as big as a voodo breath, this tech bomber can fit 4 heavy weapons under its wings and 4 light weapons on its “face” sides (below cockpit headlights)
    Having 2 double heavy turrets, one on its top-back and one on its bottom-back makes sure that its lack of turn rate is compensated for.
    Despite its huge engines and arsenal, the PBC is remarkably silent, if its engines are turned off and RCS is used instead.
    Some affectionately call the PBC the “flying pig” even though such animals ceased existing long ago, some still see the similarities... such as the straight Comms antenna at the back resembling a tail and the pig like body and nose
    This vessel is venerated by some, adored by many and desired by even more...
    Its price tag being its only drawback, this Machine is Very heavily armoured, blazing fast and with 8 Functional Guns and 2 heavy turrets The Phobocaster is the dream ship of any millionaire.
    (Any complaints regarding the phobocaster’s slow turning should be disregarded, as the max linear engine upgrade fixes the issue)
    (If people still complain, the middle finger shall be shown and pointed at the combat engine package which converts speed into strafing and turning rate)
    (if the complaining still doesn’t stop, the phobocaster in the possession of the whining little...ahem....its owner, shall be repossessed and offered to someone that can appreciate its speed, perfection and beauty.)

    This was my little story of the PBC, which happens to be huge and insanely fast in my imagining, and also just as expensive and slow to turn as its fast. (ships turn faster the quicker they move)
    So if the PBC is slow to turn while stationary, upgrade its linear engines and go to max speed, it will turn much better. (still sucks when compared even to light bombers)
    And if you wonder if the PBC is’s the fastest human ship available and is twice the size of a voodo breath...of course its op...But that is why you must balance it with non-existent strafing and slow turning.
    Also the PBC comes in a heavy fighter variant but its slower as it uses less advanced engines, is more agile and only caries 2 light weapons, 2 heavy weapons and no turrets.
    The two are visually identical other than the turrets and size.

    So if you come up with any other fan lore for the ships...feel free to post them...give the devs some ideas of ships and stories.

    BUT PLEASE...if you want the old AN1 ships in this the cause and affirm your desire by including your wish in your post.....

    Thanks guys...for taking your time to read my oversized posts and helping with suggestions ideas and corrections.
    It’s all the same...don’t like something...correct me...wanna add something, PLEASE DO IT ALLREADY!
    If I made any mistakes\inconsistencies...point it out and correct me pls.
    Thanks again!

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    The slipping idea sounds a lot like the booster in Schleichfahrt worked, temporary drastic speed increase at the cost of energy and maneuverability.

    If we assume that instead of generators like in the previous games we have a combination of generators that have a specific energy output per second and capacitors/batteries that have a maximum input per second maximum energy capacity as well as lmitiations to how much space is available for those setup especially in smaller ships we would not need any limitation to how often it could be used. The energy systems would feed the weapons, sensors and utility systems like fixers then we can assume that spamming the ability (using prolonged bursts or using many shortwe bursts alike) would drain the ships energy reserves quickly.

    Eh well, this might sound a bit fuzzy so I'll go ahead and explain my idea about energy systems:

    Energy systems: Those systems consist of generators and capacitors or batteries. Generators feed directly into the engine system, enabling the engine to work. The surplus energy generated can be stored by capacitors or batteries. A generator has a fixed output in Watts per second. The engine systems have a fixed input requirement in Watts per seconds. Similarly systems like the cockpit, active sensors or fixers have a fixed input requirement, but can be turned on or off (cockpits turn off lights and dim LED screens, active sensors go into passive mode, fixers only start up if a ship system hits a certain health level etc).

    Everything beyond that is stored for systems that need energy "on demand", like guns or engine boosting systems. Capacitors have a small maximum storage, but can take large amounts of energy at once ("charge fast"). Batteries charge a lot slower (possibly wasting energy when the generator output is high) but permit a lot more energy to be taken in.

    When the storages are empty using energy in addition to what the generator can ouput will overheat the generator, dealing permanent damage if the pilot keeps doing so (a generator might burn out, seriously hampering the ships combat abilites and forcing the player to buy a replacement after the mission).

    The bigger a ship the more space it may permit for secondary systems like generators and capacitors/batteries. Thus bigger ships may have two or more generators (that stack in energy production) and a combination of capacitors and batteries (with the ability to decide which secondary module drains from the capacitor or the battery). A player who is good at energy management might be good with two generator and a capacitor, maximizing output over storage. Someone who needs lots of surplus energy to stay on the safe side might go for one less generator and add a battery instead.

    Bigger generators might be better in terms of generation than using multiple smaller generators of the same kind, but at the same time more prone to overheating since they can share the strain, keeping smaller generators viable in the course of the game. They could also produce more noise.

    Also, in response to sensors and other stuff that produces noise:

    Living envoirenment and noise: We are talking about a game world that is not just "dark and gritty" but also alive. The promotional art shows various animal lifeforms of different sizes, and we are talking about some sort of "Fallout underwater scenario", so we have lots of leeway with what kinds of animals we might see.

    But that should not be all. Anyone who regularly watches the news knows we have animals stranding on various beaches around the world thanks to, well pretty much everything we have done in the last two centuries. One of the theories is that noise pollution causes this disorientation, meaning engine sounds and fishing sonars and the like messes with the abilites of those animals to find their way with echolocation, stranding them in shallow waters until the hit the beach.

    In Aqua those animals lived for hundreds of years with rapidly growing levels of human noise everywhere. Not enough to evolve their senses to cope with it naturally, but with radiocative help there might be a state of "mid-evolution" where some animals learned how to deal with the noise, maybe even use it to their advantage and animals that retreated to less populated areas and are rare to find in the open. Heck, there might be kinds that use your active sonar to home in on you an crack your shell for some juicy meat.

    Rescuing a squadmate that is being attacked by such a creature without destroying their sub might be a random event in missions, larger animals striking even into larger battles to take one ship and leave before anyone realized what the heck happened. Or looking for that delicious but super rare shark that some guy in neopolis wants for his wedding and having to go with low noise sytems searching the butt of the atlantic ocean for it, exploring New York or parts of London on the way, if you know what I mean.

    It could be part of a mission to lure one of the largest animals in aqua into an enemy outpost so the blame does not fall onto your current client and you have to lure it a large distance, try to balance enraging it to make sure it stays on your tail and keeing your distance so you won't be the meal instead. For stuff like this the player might have to play around with their equipment and find out which combination of noise makers as bait and guns to keep the animal at bay without hurting it may work best. You know, actually find out which weapons is the worst at dealing with something instead, just to mix things up.

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    @Drake: I forgot to reply to your question about the Succubus.

    The ship was an Entrox design built in cooperation with the Atlantic Federation. It was the first ship this size to use a Dipol engine. I think the story unveiled additional details about the ships backstory, would have to replay the game to look it up (no gameport on my PC, not gonna break my fingers using keyboard only )

    The main deal with the ship was speed and armor. It was faster than any scout of the time, capable of keeping up with the "Biont speed bombers". A booster basically made it a supercavitation torpedo on steroids. On top of that it could take lots of damage, even without armor upgrades. Two turrets pretty much sealed the deal (turrets on player ships pretty much died out in AN and AN2R, a shame really). The Doom Mortar was even more deadly in Schleichfahrt than it was in Aquanox.

    However, Schleichfahrt lacked something that only became part of "Space shooters" a lot later: strafing. The Succubus turned really fast and as long as you kept moving you could pretty much wreak havoc however you wanted. The moment you stopped you had a small problem (small because of the good overall acceleration). Considering a possible "Succubus" design in Deep Descent this is actually a nice idea. A really fast, deadly ship with lots of internal hardpoints for equipment and a huge torpedo rack, that is limited by the fact that it is horrible at strafing. The design put so much effort into going fast and being able to turn well at high speeds that the ship basically strafes worse than a Toiler.

    As for the Succubus 2: Since the original Succubus was a prototype and only one was made (and stolen between the end of Schleichfahrt and the beginning of Aquanox :V) the engineers of the Tornado Zone tried to recreating the design (implying that the original blueprints were somehow "lost". The ship is not on par with the original desing in many aspects, especially when it comes to eqipment slots. However it was a solid ship and a viable option within the game (god I hated selling and buying my ships every time I wanted to use ship x for a mission).

    Let's face it, no matter how hard to find the ship would be in the game, within a few weeks pretty much half the community would have it, so let's scratch the "unique prototype" part. Let's call the Succubus a high end lategame ship. I would enjoy seeing a series of (side?) quests that do not explicitly point out but hint that you might be helping someone in Machina working on some kind of new ship, scattered over the course of the game and not closely connected with one another. Possibly from different clients. You need to finish "x" of those missions (betatest a new generator system, gather information on Biont ship systems, bring back a stolen engine) to unlock a special quest line in the lategame that results in you testing the finished product, with the possibility to keep it under condition XYZ.

    This could be done for other ships from previous games as well. The Phobocaster would be a good candidate. Maybe even some ships you could not pilot before (without serious modding). Those ships could be limited in the customization department, giving the player less leeway in changing the specs in trade for better performance in the field a ship is good at.

    Edit: I wrote than Machina Antarctica was responsible for the Succubus. My fault, sorry . I think you got it while doing missions there so that might be the reason for my mistake. I read the manual just a week ago, stupid me.
    Last edited by McNtre; 19-09-2015 at 17:05. Reason: Oops, had to look into the Schleichfahrt handbook and correct myself. Sorry.

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    Gonna get myself banned if I keep this up :S.

    About the Aquanox lategame ships: They had a pretty good basic idea. The Voodoo Breath had lots of gun and armor (and could take in 3 gun turrets) but was slow. The Succubus was fast and nimble, but lightly armored (2 turrets). Since the Phobocaster (2 turrets) came pretty much last it could have been a stock upgrade for one of the two former ships or an in-between of some sorts.

    It did... neither. It was better in pretty much every field compared to the Succubus 2 and the strong armor (only 8000KJ less) made the Voodoo Breath a waste of space. If the player had the chance to actually equip the turrets with guns, like AI controlled ships of that type could, it might have worked out to some point. AN2R did this a lot better, keeping even early game ships viable in mid to late game by designing the ships and missions with variety in mind (and yes, I know AN2 did 1 thing wrong for every thing it did right .

    Concerning my notes about the Schleichfahrt Succubus: You might look at the manuals, check the stats of Succubus and Phobocaster and say "Hey, the Phobocaster has basically the same stats but a stronger engine. Why bother with the Succubus?"

    I won't compare the stats of ships from "different" games. AN was designed as continuiation of Schleichfahrt, meaning it makes sense that lategame ships in AN outdo lategame ships in SF. Also, AN had a better game engine, giving the player better controls and making it possible to "go wild" with the ship specs as a conclusion.

    However, according to the Deep Descent team this game would be an "alternate reality" to the orignal games, as such we don't have to pay too much attention to the original timelines and ship specs. Ships from all three games could coexist as equals, which is what I like most about the project.

    Okay, and now to actually add something new to the thread:

    Fixer: In SF and AN the fixer worked pretty simple, you have a device in the ship that you put in and that repairs your hull and systems while you are not under fire. Nifty, but... boring.

    If we look at how the fixer works the first thing that comes to mind is "nanomaterial". I mean it is the only feasible way how a small system hidden in your ship can magically reinforce your armor plating after a plasma gun melted away the first layers.

    If we assume that some sort of nanomaterial is used there are two conditions:

    1. Nanomaterial should be limited. Basically a fixer is a bucket filled with nanomaterial sand and a control unit that feeds the material into the ship internals.

    2. Some sort of tube system in the hull is required to actually use a fixer for repairs. So some ships might not be able to carry one at all (but may have another advantage to balance this).

    The player can feed Nanomaterial onto the hull in a combat situation to survive (insert creative dire situation here). This takes up a lot more Nanomaterial than the slower "passive repairs" would, as material would be wasted while "rushing" the repairs. On shorter missions it would simply work like it did in the previous games, but on longer missions or in large scale fights the player might need to conserve their ability to repair in the field.

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    I hope there is going to be deep heat mining stations (heat pumps for water areas).

    Also some tidal generators like in the first games would be nice to see.Some underwater sea greenhouses to see might be also cool (if it fits the story).

    Not every vehicle should be shoot and blast.Some underwater cruisers going around or even some underwater bus like submarines carrying people from main city to the mining/farming fields sub-habitats would be nice.

    As I talked before some "world land marks" protected under water such as gizza pyramids or the "Shogun Temple" under crystal reinfored barrier would be nice.Even such landmark would pave the road for the story of one of the first settlements underwater;Since some scientist didn't want "Gizza Pyramids" to vanish under sea level they build the complex around it and then after years the complex expanded to habitats and industry for example.

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    Nov 2015

    Engine propulsion double command ( right and left engine controlled separatly...)


    I would like to suggest the possibility to control the propellers of the ship (with an optional menu using H.I.D interface for D.I.Y hardware fans .... a kind of control customization at will simillar to many flight sims ...) each engine/propeller with two joysticks ,one for the left and another one for the right for example ,or others dual control system ( see pictures of links bellow) separately as a real ROV .... it would be more immersive experience

    H.I.D inteface for control (example):

    Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 HID standard
    ◾ Standard USB keyboard simulation (with triggering support for up/down keys)
    ◾ Standard USB joystick simulation (6 axis, 32 buttons with triggering support)
    ◾ 55 digital inputs with pull-up resistors, freely mappable to virtual USB keyboard’s keys
    ◾ etc...

    to give you an idea about what it could be.....

    Best regards
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