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    Gothic SystemPack

    Gothic — SystemPack

    Developer country: Russia
    Game platforms: "GOTHIC1", "GOTHIC2: Classic", "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven"
    Update type: Package
    Operating name: SystemPack
    Version: 1.0 (build: 0105, rev: 5)
    Language: Multilingual support: (English , Romanian , German , Russian , Italian , Czech , Polish , Spanish ).
    Size: 5x ~ 3 MB

    Author/developer: Guzz aka killer-m, MaGoth, KuDeSnik
    Forum page: Gothic — SystemPack (World of Players RU)

    Status: Release (100%)
    Release date: 31.08.2013 | 02.12.2013 | 20.03.2014

    Gothic - SystemPack — is the system and exec files update package, that modifies and develops game working ability of "GOTHIC1", "GOTHIC2: Classic", "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven", mods and addons based on them.

    Main modifications:
    • Package Adaptation for work with WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8, WinBlue;
    • Package Adaptation for support of "GOTHIC1", "GOTHIC2: Classic", "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven" considering all changes and corrections;
    • Automatic dynamic memory and system files patching for all versions of supported games;
    • Surround sound system integration - X3DAudio - for all versions of supported games;
    • The package uses own *.INI file with partially modifying internal options for all versions of supported games.

    • High resolution support;
    • Adjusted FOV Hor+;
    • Increased world, NPC, portals render distance;
    • Balanced correspondence of map sides;
    • Ability to shut off LOD;
    • Fixed bug with disappearing objects/models when turned on tesselation.

    • Increased min texture cache threshold;
    • Disabled odd stream for resource manager;
    • Disabled cache unloading when minimizing the game;
    • Modified low FPS and showing window frame in full-screen mode on Windows 8 and 8.1.

    • Modified scaling duplication in video playback;
    • Disabled limitation video file resolution.

    • Surround audio support on base of X3DAudio/XAudio2.

    Virtual file system:
    • Highly increased game start and load speed.

    • Fixed problem of game start on Windows 7 over rundll32.exe;
    • Fixed problem of game start over Logitech SetPoint driver;
    • Fixed problem of camera hitch and disappearing textures on NVIDIA cards;
    • Disabled FPS limitation;
    • Repaired options of F8 key in test-mode MARVIN;
    • Game starts in 32-bit color range;
    • Added ability to set key auto-repeat speed;
    • Repaired disability to activate the plug in the Temple of Sleeper;
    • Added ability to change game Splash-screen (loading screen);
    • Partially modified key bindings;
    • Increased max polygons in models;
    • Added set model spin speed;

    Detailed change description:
    System requirements and software (ver. 1.0)
    Min requirements:
    — WindowsXP SP3 and upper;
    — DirectX 9C with final updates and upper;
    — 32-bit display.

    Necessary software:
    "GOTHIC1: Classic" — Gothic Patch 1.08k(Only for Steam), PlayerKit ver. 1.08k
    "GOTHIC2: Classic" — Report ver. 1.30 (fix)
    "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven" — Report ver. (fix), GothicStarter ver.2.6f
    In case of "GOTHIC1", SystemPack supports:
    — Both sources that come with PlayerKit: Gothic.exe and GothicMod.exe, versions –;
    — Original (not modificated) source Gothic.exe, ver. (1.08k), that will be renamed from Gothic_backup.exe to Gothic_snowball.exe during SystemPack installation (only for Russian version "GOTHIC1" by 1C/Snowball Interactive).

    • G2Ext pack:
      — NO compatibility, correct gameplay and start of modifications based on this pack are impossible!
    • Script packs - LeGo, Ikarus:
      — May not be compatible, correct gameplay and start of modifications based on these packs are not guaranteed. (Needs tests)
    • Patches/fixes:
      — NO compatibility with all projects that use “straight” editing of original game exec files and/or replacing them with edited ones;
      — Correct work with patches and fixes that repair the same bugs which are repaired by System pack tools – NOT guaranteed!
    • Mods and addons:
      — All modifications and unofficial addons for games "GOTHIC1" и "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven", created by standart tools G1MDK and/or G2MDK are supported.
      "GOTHIC2: The Returning" (implemented) *
      "GOTHIC2: The Dark Saga". (script packs - LeGo, Ikarus)
      "GOTHIC2: Odyssey". (implemented) *

      * - requirements are same to addon "The Night Of The Raven".

    Changes and fixes in game system files (ZenGin)
    - under translation ...

    New features and abilities (ModKit)
    - under translation ...

    File descriptions (SystemPack.ini)
    Not every mentioned option will be available in your INI-file, because some of them depend on platform: they will be activated and full-functional only in specific game version!
    ; Gothic — SystemPack
    ; IMPORTANT: We do not recommend changing section [DEBUG], but if you have problems with new features,
    ; you may disable any repair
    ; Attention: File SystemPack.ini becomes available only after first game start!


    ; ... option for changing vertical FOV, default is 67.5
    ; value of the option for changing vFOV according to previous formula: for displays 16:10 – (56.25), for displays 16:9 – (50.625).

    ; ... disables progressive LOD for *.3ds models, - on (1) or off (0), default is 0.
    ; possible performance decrease by 10-15%

    ; ... spawn NPC distance, default is 4500

    ; ... despawn NPC distance, default is 5000.

    ; ... time interval between spawning next NPC at a specific point WP/FP
    ; default is 1000, measure unit is milliseconds.

    ; ... game world view/render distance multiplier, default is 1.
    ; limitation for multiplier if render distance is 300% in game options: 10 for Gothic.exe, 26 for any other.


    ; ... portal delete distance multiplier, default is 1.
    ; OutDoor – if Main Char is out of buildings/dungeons – is outside.
    ; InDoor – if Main Char is inside a building/dungeon – is in a house.
    ; recommended to synchronise changing of values OutDoor/InDoor
    ; Wood – forest portal render range, this portal type is actual only for "GOTHIC1".

    ; ... Char rotate speed using mouse in "GOTHIC1", default is 0.1.
    ; recommended values: from 0.1 to 0.3, step is 0.01
    ; for mouse with high DPI (4000 and higher), not more than 0.2

    ; ... hold key auto-repeat speed in "GOTHIC1", default is 70.
    ; recommended values: from 10 to 300.

    ; ... time before hold key auto-repeat starts in “Gothic I”, default is 140.
    ; recommended values: from 100 to 1000.


    ; ... automatically set inner option of "SystemPack" for graphic cards nVidia and ATI – DO NOT CHANGE!

    ; ... fix, deletes flag WRITEONLY when vertex buffer created, for solving problems with radial for and textures
    ; on video adapters nVidia, if card changes from nVidia to ATI/AMD or opposite, Disable D3DVBCAPS_WRITEONLY gets default.
    ; by default: for nVidia is on (1), for AMD/ATI is off (0).
    ; possible performance decrease by 10-15%.

    ; ... disables cache unloading when minimizing the game, on (1) or off (0), default is 1.

    ; ... 3D-models and animations cache, default is 100000.
    ; increase this option if game crashes when using high-polygon models (does not influence max quantity of polygons).
    ; if high-polygon 3D-models are developed, max value is ~40k-45k tops (~70k-80k polygons).

    ; ... disables odd stream for game resource manager (ResourceManager), on (1) or off (0), default is 1.

    ; ... fix, changes pinging of script Game_InitEnglish to Game_InitEngIntl, on (1) or off (0), default is 1.
    ; in original Gothic2.exe 1.30(fix) initially only Game_InitGerman и Game_InitEnglish are pinged,
    ; but in Russian version, in script Startup.d it is Game_InitEngIntl, that's why the EXE file did not work with Russian version.
    ; for those game versions where there is Game_InitEnglish in script Startup.d, this option needs set to (0).

    ; ... fix for GameUX and rundll32 process in OS WinVista, Win7, is on (1) or off (0).

    ; ... auto patching D3DIm700.dll for high resolution support, on (1) or off (0), default is 1.

    ; ... fix for video playback on any OS, on (1) or off (0).

    ; ... fix for surround audio system, on (1) or off (0).

    ; ... fix for plug in the Temple Sleeper, on (1) or off (0), default is 1.
    ; works even if there is 1000 FPS, I guess does not influence on other plugs.

    ; ... partially changes key bindings, interchange Z and Y keys, Minus key (underscore)
    ; now works properly in console, default is 1.

    ; ... here checksum of unknown file that made failure is entered if game crashes,
    ; unknown file which the System Pack changes were not applied to.

    Installation info
    Common recommendations:
    — Install and start all applications with admin rights;
    — If possible, install the Pack on “clear” version of the game (without other mods or patches installed on it);
    — If there was other version of "SystemPack", remove it with deinstallator.
    — Delete all packs/patches and other fixes (if were installed), which were to fix bugs that are fixed by this System Pack. We do not guarantee proper work – the Compatibility has not been tested.
    — Update your audio and video drivers to latest version.

    Installation guide, version 1.0:
    • For "GOTHIC1: Classic"
      1. Install game "GOTHIC1"
      2. Install Gothic1_PlayerKit-1.08k.exe
      3. Install G1Classic-SystemPack-1.0.exe
      4. Play.
    • For "GOTHIC2: Classic"
      1. Install game "GOTHIC2"
      2. Install Gothic2_fix-
      3. Install G2Classic-SystemPack-1.0.exe
      4. Play.
    • For "GOTHIC2: Night of The Raven"
      1. Install game "GOTHIC2"
      2. Install addon "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven"
      3. Install Gothic2_fix-
      4. Install Gothic2_PlayerKit-2.6f.exe
      5. Install G2NoTR-SystemPack-1.0.exe or G2Returning-SystemPack-1.0.exe or G2Odyssey-SystemPack-1.0.exe *
      - depending on addon that you choose.
      6. Play.

    Installation guide, version 1.0 (Steam):
    • For "GOTHIC1: Classic":
      1. Install "GOTHIC1: Classic".
      2. Disable autoupdate and in-game Steam Community **
      3. Install Gothic Patch 1.08k
      4. Install Gothic1_PlayerKit-1.08k.exe
      5. Install G1Classic-SystemPack-1.0.exe
      6. Play.
    • For "GOTHIC2: Gold Edition":
      1. Install "GOTHIC2: Gold Edition"
      2. Disable autoupdate and in-game Steam Community **
      3. Install Gothic2_fix-
      4. Install Gothic2_PlayerKit-2.6f.exe
      5. Install G2NoTR-SystemPack-1.0.exe
      6. Play.

    * - Game version for addon "Odyssey" will be available only after its release.
    ** - autoupdate and overlay is basically disabled, so you need to set off the 'v' from chech-box Steam Overlay, same for every version:

    SystemPack - 1.0:

    • g2odyssey-systempack-1.0.exe - 2,74 MB (2•880•002 bytes) Locked. In anticipation of the release version.
      CRC32: DC8217A0
      MD5: C725F69B6B604910112270DF601D3408
      SHA-1: 31AEF1BE18E5040D63B82E980A4C19E24AB344E0

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    Interesting stuff! Will have to try it out.

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