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    Marriage Options - Does it ever get better?

    Recently started playing, and when I eventually figured out how the hell to play, I got hooked

    Only thing I'm curious about now (since I've got the hang of it I want to start a new game with less time wasted at the start figuring out which mouse button does what ) is if the potential partners gets any better? All that seemed to be available to main character, and daughter were unemployed nobodies. Do you ever get the option to marry someone more powerful or at least with actual work?

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    You are usually stuck with these "lowlifes", but as your wealth increases, you sometimes have a chance of scoring a noblewoman.

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    Once you get more rich and powerful, with higher titles, you definitely get better options for marriage candidates! In my current game I am successfully courting a level 6 scholar with my Founder's daughter. I'll probably swap her for him in my active group before long!
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