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    Superpower 2 Aquired by Nordic Games

    Greetings, We (As in the vibrant SP2 Community ) Would like to know if you all would set up a section for Superpower 2? We've all been playing the game and releasing patches and mods for it for a every long time. SP2 was acquired by you'll from Dreamcatcher, our community is very large and after several years of being able to play online, the game is truly one of a kind.

    We also would like to know if youll would restore our online servers? They've been out for quite sometime now. Almost 7 months, the servers were the heart of our activity for old and new players.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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    Well i guess it is a great idea..having a full section would be so cool..i guess that will increase the accessibility and remove the compatibility issues.

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