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I mentioned some of the camera issues back in my assessment/critique of the franchise back in Page 30-31 of this thread. But you did a good job going into detail on the matter.

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Indeed. The camera needs to be zoomed out more in Darksiders III so that we can see the enemies around Fury. The camera is too zoomed in to the horsemen that it is hard to see all the enemies around them in previous two games.
Partially agree...but the answer is not that simple.

The camera needed zoomed out in Darksiders 2 because Death could dodge really far and multiple times in a row. With no block he needed to dodge to avoid hits and he often dodged far enough that the enemies you had just been fighting were offscreen.

In Darksiders 3 what we see is that Fury does not dodge very far at all, in fact it seems more akin to a Bayonetta Dodge rather than the Kratos-like Dodge in Darksiders 2. Presumably the invincibility frames are doing all the heavy lifting for the dodge mechanic for Fury.

So with Fury not dodging very far, we don't actually need the camera pulled back further for Fury (in my opinion).

And speaking of the camera angles, this is not the God of War I fell in love with. This is not my God of War and I certainly won't be buying this new one. I absolutely hate the shoulder camera angle for the new God of War and hate this new jarring combat system. The smooth combat system in previous God of War games is gone.
I'll be giving the new God of War a chance ALTHOUGH I don't think the demo-trailers we have seen so far do a good job of selling the game, or at least not of selling the game's combat.

Whats really noticeable about modern games is they are taking longer and longer to make. I can name on one finger the releases I'll be buying between now and the end of the year. So the idea of wholly avoiding God of War just because it isn't exactly the same to what I am used to would likely mean a 4-5 month 'hole' where I wouldn't be buying any games. These days, if I get 3 interesting games a year I am happy enough and E3 was a MASSIVE disappointment.