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Thread: Darksiders

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    The tale of the four horsemen has not been told to an end. So far we only know the story of War and Death but what about the other two? How will it go on?

    What did you enjoy most about Darksiders and Darksiders II? What did you absolutely dislike? What kind of Darksiders game do you wish should be created next?

    Please let us know!
    Reinhard Pollice|Business & Product Development Director Nordic Games GmbH, Vienna, Austria

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    Please touch this series with care, i really loved the first 2 titles.
    Especially their art-design and their mix of Action, RPG and Puzzles.

    They were both great games, very unfortunate that they didnt sold as good as they deserved it.

    If you really want to improve the game, make it like the first both and try to implement something like a co-op, which were many people waiting for to be in this series.

    Is it allowed to ask if you have already plans for the future of this series?

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    As one of the co-founders of Vigil and the lead level designer/principal designer on both games, all I can say is... make it adventurous.

    And do what we would've done: let people know what happens when those other three comets land on Earth! Four player co-op or bust!

    Good luck to you guys. You've adopted our baby.

    Ryan Stefanelli (now @Crytek)

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    Naturally we dont have any sure plans for the future of the series as we dont even have a development team.
    So for now we will be analysing the situation and try to figure out whats the best option.

    One thing is sure: The tale of the four horsemen is not over!
    Reinhard Pollice|Business & Product Development Director Nordic Games GmbH, Vienna, Austria

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    Please keep the Art Style that made other games great, and like the co-founder of Vigil said make it adventurous.

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    Yes, but we are all big fans of Darksiders. When I picked up Darksiders in 2010 I never heard of it and it turned out to be one of the best games I played in long times. I have to say I am also a big fan of Zelda games which boosted my love for Darksiders I think.
    Reinhard Pollice|Business & Product Development Director Nordic Games GmbH, Vienna, Austria

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    Like others have said, keep it adventurous! Keep the Zelda "feel" of the first game, and the exploration of the second game. Have many gigantic bosses, keep the same art style and core gameplay, and for the love of god, make the game fun! Some franchises have been ruined when jumping from publisher/developer to another. Please don't follow in their footsteps!

    If there's one slight thing I didn't like, it was probably the loot system, but then again, I didn't dislike it that much either.

    Hope you take all of our comments into consideration.


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    While it's a little disheartening to see the series not go with the original creators, it's not bad at all that nordic picked them up .

    While I like the idea of a 4 player co-op, I think it'd make sense for that to be reserved for the fifth game (if it gets there) of the series. I really like the idea of giving each horseman his/her own story in the game. It gives us as players a chance to grow to like the character and know more about them.

    I loved the story in both games as well as their gameplay. I wasn't a big fan of some of the side-quests in the second game (it was a real pain trying to find all of those stones ), but the story quests I enjoyed very well.

    The art style is something I would like to see kept somewhat similar but I'd love for you guys to take advantage of newer hardware .

    Keeping the puzzles is a must I think as it gives us an opportunity to use something other than attacks to solve issues.

    While I loved the fights in both games, I wouldn't mind in the least for tougher fights for bosses and mini bosses. I was also a fan of the quicker paced fighting system in the second game (and I think the remaining two horseman would allow you to be able to keep that).

    Speaking about bosses, I'd love for you guys to keep the character depth for each boss, as I was a huge fan as to how both games (especially the second one) touched on the story of the bosses themselves.

    I'd love to see more tie ins with the previous two horseman. Having the gun from one of the horseman in the second game was a really nice touch (that I'd hope you guy would remember to mention whenever you do Strife ).

    It's an action adventure game with some RPG elements, don't change it too much (i.e. don't make Strife's game a first person shooter ;D).

    Also, when working on Fury, don't make her look like Ivy (from Soul Calibur). She's a horseman of the Apocalypse - she should like like one

    Regardless of what you guys end up doing, I'm sure it'll be fun and it'll probably be a first day buy for me since I have to complete the series

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    If you actually ever go forward with the Darksiders franchise, be sure to focus on the things that made DS and DS2 cool. Things like... that feeling of adventure (that Ryan mentioned), the fast-paced combat, the sense of scale, quality voice acting, and don't forget that Strife and Fury need to be BADASS... whatever you do, don't forget to crank the BADASS meter up to 11. If you are ever in doubt of what to do... just add more skulls!

    Oh yeah... it has to be 4 player. It's a must!

    That being said, if you decide you don't want to continue making games for the series, let me know. We'd be more than happy to take the IP off your hands. In fact, you can even have all of the money that DS1 and DS2 continue to generate! =)

    ben cureton (now @crytek also)
    ex vigil games lead combat designer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan.stefanelli View Post
    As one of the co-founders of Vigil and the lead level designer/principal designer on both games, all I can say is... make it adventurous.

    And do what we would've done: let people know what happens when those other three comets land on Earth! Four player co-op or bust!

    Good luck to you guys. You've adopted our baby.

    Ryan Stefanelli (now @Crytek)
    What he said, both Darksiders and Darksiders 2 reminded me why I started playing video games in the first place, both had amazing stories, and hidden treasures that made you want to go back and play through after getting all the upgrades you could. Awesome boss fights, and just the feeling of playing a video game, a fun exciting game, and I don't know if it was done intentionally, but if it was kudos to the guys at Vigil, match the game play to the character that is the focus of the story and 4 player co-op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You have inherited an awesome franchise, can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

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    Of the whole Darksiders series, I enjoy the characters/lore most, and that a few major and minor characters had some curious things for the player to find (example, the Archon Lucien in the second game. The door to the Well of Souls shows him apparently going to humans and teaching them stuff. And he's riding a unicorn or something. Then there's Draven, a human, beside the demon queen). I like that some things aren't explained - that way we can make their backstories ourselves with a few official hints to work with.

    Exploration and adventure should be kept, though with less filler. I prefer the system of move/weapon leveling of DS1 and dislike the randomized loot in DS2 (though the 'additional' effects like lightning stuns and knockbacks were fun to play with), and enjoy sidequests that let me explore more of the world/the characters.

    Most of all, I'd like to see 'little touches.' Characters reacting when you try to attack them, or random musings they may have when you aren't talking to them, or commenting on certain weapons/story developments/if you haven't talked to them in a while, so on. As has been said, the art style should be retained. Combat in DS2 is excellent (that'd be a good thing to "cooperate with the original creators or best possible developers in order to work on sequels or additional content for these titles" on) and giving the bosses their own personalities and encounters, as Miosan said, is what I really like about the series too!

    Beyond that, the puzzles are a favorite aspect of mine and keep to the core genre of action adventure. Oh, and I'd like each Horseman to retain their irony. War being quiet, dutiful, and always thinking, Death being chatty and more caring than he ever wants anyone to know, Strife (in the comics) stopping people from getting themselves killed and preventing conflicts from escalating any further, so on. It'd be cool if the series acknowledged how grimdark it is, if only for jests.

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    I came late to the series. I didn't pick up the first Darksiders until a year after it had been released. After I played it, I couldn't help but gush over how much fun the game was. War was a total badass and he didn't just seem like one, he acted like one too.

    I loved Darksiders 2 just as much as I loved the first, though it had more RPG elements to it with constantly finding new armor and weapons and such. Though it could have been jarring for such a change to take place, I think it fit the game well. And Death was just as much of a badass as his brother.

    For a new game, I would love to see what happens when all four Horsemen ride. I want to see their interactions with each other, learn more about what has happened in their past and see what the future of humanity will be after the events of the second game. With the way the world is set up, there are some many possibilities for what could be done in with a new game. I just want this series to continue, because it would be a damn shame for a series with such potential to end so prematurely. So please don't let this series die.

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    This is one of my favorite series! The next game would have to focus on Strife or Fury (or both). The art style would have to stay the same as the first two games. But please don't change the gameplay too much from the first two games. I really enjoyed the zelda-ish style of gameplay. Going around an open world and entering dungeon-like areas with big bosses. Definitely has to have the big bosses.

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    I simply adored Darksiders and believe it to be one of the most underrated franchises of this generation.

    I would love to see a game that continues the lore of the series, takes place after darksiders 1. Darksiders 2 story was simply OK as it had to be a prequel and couldnt do much in the end in the regards of advancing what we saw in DK1.

    Darksiders greatest strength is the size of its world and its adventure feel, no other game but Zelda captures this. Yet Darksiders 2 went abit more MMO and made the dungeons smaller to have more of them and all all the sidequest in a trinity. Large amazing and memorable dungeons are a must for this series with dungeon items and boss tactics around them.

    The loot system was not a bad idea but it was abit to much, whats the point of legendary items when forged weapons are about 10x better if made right. Gear needs to be minimized and balanced, combat should be somewhere between darksiders 1 and 2, being able to see enemy patterns and being a badass in taking them down. Take the best elements in both DK 1 and 2 and use them to make an even better DK 3. Huge worlds towns, npcs with sidequest and extra small dungeons for them. Another suggestion is also better tracking for collectibles.

    Darksiders is an amazing franchise and I am ecstatic to hear you guys will not let it die. Continue the story after DK 1, bring us more bad ass villains complex puzzles needing temple items to solve, seriously the bomb thing got real old in DK2. Big unforgettable bosses, deep lore and ofcourse the horsemen.

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    Darksiders 3 needs to be more like 1. Darksiders 2 was a very deluded experience in order to be longer. Or add more content and cutscenes so that it does not feels deluded. Also a more intense soundtrack would be better.....not flutes tones this is not Elder Scrolls!

    And please hire Madureira as the creative director of the game please! His art made the game alive. If the art style changes the whole game will be a piece of generic crap.

    In the end make a great game

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