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    Part 3 - The next day

    Hey man, can ya make me go live worldwide?
    I can try.
    (TV news moderator)
    That was nice... And now for some news from boy called Rich, listen to what he have to say... Iīm woundering myself.
    Eīya popolo, lets come right to thing:
    How would you welcome world war numero 3?
    Well, it seems iīts on way and we can do nothing about it.
    Who is attacking?
    Are you kidding me?
    Youīll see tommorow.
    Andd what do "gods" want with us?
    I think they want us dead.
    Are you sure?
    More then sure, everyone must unite to exterminate them!
    Well, that was Rich and his warning...
    The next day...
    So Gelen?
    Nothing, the day is slowly ending and he is not here...
    Then lets sleep, we have nothing to loose...
    Everyone went to sleep except Rich, he was thinking while looking at sun...
    Rich started to have a vision...
    Who are you?
    My name is Elyectus Gaarion, it is me, who created the world and gave birth to lord Lactus.
    You are father of the highest God?
    Yes, and you are worthy to take his place, Gelen!
    But wait, I killed your son and I am worthy to take his place?
    Lactus was no longer controlable, his actions were brutal, full of violence. So someone needed to...
    End of part 3 - The next day
    End of episode 10 - Gifts of God

    Episode 11 - The third world war
    The following morning...
    Wake up finally!
    Ah, whatīs happening-- Gelen?
    He is already here, we must fight back!
    Very well, how are we on it?
    Bad, weīve already lost Europe and Asia is nearly down too!
    Fine, who is leading us?
    From now it is on you!
    Good! Gelen, go and find Lactus, I think he is too afraid to fight himself, so he might be at heavens...
    I will, see you soon!
    Rich ran to army and Gelen to heavens...

    End of part 1 - A rude awakining
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    Part 2 - Dark temple

    Father, I am coming for you... And I will kill you...
    Gelen came to gate guarding entrance to the heaven city...
    Gelen used sword of God and in the gate appeared big hole...
    (Army general)
    Surrender to us, you have no chance to fight against the entire city!
    (one soldier quietly)
    But all our soldiers are on Earth!
    Is that so?
    Gelen threw shurikens into soldiers and they died...
    Humph! Well, well, your friend gave you good stuff, but now you have no stars left and there is still three of us...
    If you think; ACTIVATE!!
    Shurikens opened and sleep dust went off of them...
    Have a good sleep!
    Gelen took on gas mask and other soldiers slowly fell asleep...
    Gelen took off mask and grabbed back the shurikens, then pierced soldiers in chest with his sword...
    Well, all of them are attacking us, then I guess it is time to strike!
    Gelen easily made his way trough the city and found The temple of lord Lactus... (
    Inside of it in centre of dark arena was standing one man... (
    (Gelen to himself)
    So, there you are, father!
    Gelen ran to Lactus and pierced him with blade of God...
    The noice of fallen armor was following...
    Gelen noticed it was only armor...
    (scream of anger)
    Suddenly someone talked...
    So, is this all you have?
    Show yourself coward! Are you afraid!?
    A man jumped down from roof...
    There I am!
    Gelen rotated and started to run towards man withraised blade, but when he was closer...
    You are not Lactus!
    No, he is already killing your friends...
    And you are!?
    You no need to know that.
    Why are you here? Go and kill him with me!
    No, but if you answer my questions, I can help you find him.
    Very well, lets hear them out!
    Why do you want to kill him?
    He once wanted to destroy humanity using poison storm, I could not allow it, anyway, he used me to make it easier to him! ...I just... Did not knew what was he planning...
    I see... Do you think you are ready to face him?
    More then enough! His brutal rule must come to en end, his actions are bad...
    What fuels your power? Even if you fail, you still continue to fight, why?
    Because there is nobody else to deal with him - I just donīt have a choice!
    Will you kill him even if it would mean that you will die as well?
    Well, look at it from this page: If I donīt do it, there will be nothing but him and me, if I do so, me and him - we will die, but eight miliard of people will still live!
    Enough, I know what I wanted to know, prepare to save the world.
    Man teleported Gelen next to Ziaxaruax...
    All is... destroyed?
    Lactus won, the world is ending, no one remains to fight...

    End of part 2 - Dark temple
    End of episode 11 - The third world war
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    Episode 12 - Family duel III
    Part 1 - Lactus

    I am still here!
    Gelen noticed that Lactus is standing on neck of demon...
    What is that thing?
    My husband...
    He told me... He knew he wonīt survive this fight, he made from himself a demon when he saw how Lactus was destroying objects and killing inocent people...
    He "made himself"? Maybe he was demon all along and we just did not knew...
    And what does it matter now!!? He is dead. DEAD!
    Then his killer will be as well...
    Gelen made his way to Lactus...
    Oh, look who came!
    It is good you came, son, I tough you got lost in heaven, HA!
    You have taken everything from me!
    He-ey, thatīs not true, I am the one who made you a god, so choose wisely what will you say!
    I have fought with the demons of hell, even with the one who controlls all hells! I travelled from planet to planet! I created massive army which youīve destroyed! And that all for one thing - hunt you down... and destroy you!
    Haha, you think by screaming on me you will, erm, "destroy me"? Come home boy, we can be very happy together.
    And what for?
    To rule the world!!
    To comand everything that lives?
    Yes, that is what being a god means!
    Then the time of gods must come to en end!
    You arrogant puny little child! I said choose what will you say and youīve choosed to fight me!? Prepare to die!
    Before I kill you, let me ask a thing - is Rich alive?
    Who do you think I am? When someone defies me he pays with his life!
    Very well, lets say the same!
    Lactus made a few steps to Gelen...
    (heavy breath)
    So it seems you have not killed him, pityful...
    Then I will do it now!
    Lactus raised his sword and aimed to pierce Richīs neck, but he was pushed away by Gelen...
    You will not kill him!
    You guess?
    Gelen looked at Rich and noticed tear in his demon eye...
    Lets use my "clon" ability...
    Gelen started with throwing infinite number of shurikens at Lactus and he was still teleporting away...
    After a while Lactus teleported right before Gelen and punched him in chest powerfuly...
    Now to deal with you!
    Lactus pierced neck of Rich...
    (demonic scream)
    No! NO!
    Yes, yes, he is gone, are you ready to join me already?
    Very well!
    Lactus teared from Richīs hand the magical mask...
    Lactus put her on and mystical armor appeared on his body...
    This is nice, lets use it also!
    Lactus took the fist of God from Richīs hand and put it on...
    His armor slowly dissapeared and the fist inserted him electricity...
    What the hack!
    Lactus fastly threw away the fist aiming at Gelen...
    Gelen grabbed it and hid in his pocket...
    (Gelen to himself)
    Well... Rich told me no one can hold more then one gift at once...
    Lets see how will you fight against the gods!

    End of part 1 - Lactus
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    Episode 13 - The gods
    Part 1 - Bereth

    Lactus created a big ruined house at where they were fighting and went out to heaven...
    You can run, but I will kill you once anyway!
    Suddenly shadows all around were moving...
    The light slowly shutted and it was dark all around...
    Gelen got hitted in head and then in back...
    Hey man!
    You are in MY army, not his!
    Hahah, however, you are not right, I was never at your side, Lactus was the one who saved me after the great war, because he knew I can help him destroy you!
    You were a traitor all along!?
    Yes, how else can you explain Lactus imidietly knew everything about your moves and strategy?
    Shadows formed into 3D character...
    And now it is time to put to it all one big end!
    Bereth was walking towards Gelen...
    Die traitor!
    Gelen slashed Bereth with blade of God, bu it had no effect...
    Is that all you have?
    Bereth grabbed Gelenīs leg and threw him away...
    Gelen stood up and put on fist of God...
    Damn it, I forgot!
    Gelen shawed his blade and took fist on again...
    Now die!
    After this all Gelen looked up, but Bereth wasnīt here...
    Er, where is he?
    Right behind you!
    Bereth grabbed Gelenīs neck and raised him to air while still holding him...
    Bereth threw Gelen to air and jumped to him...
    After a while Gelen took controll upon his flight and noticed Bereth flying to him...
    I will kill you now.
    After Bereth said these words, he grabbed Gelenīs arm and neck, but Gelen easily took off Berethīs hand from his neck and then rotated under him...
    How would you welcome some light?
    Gelen double-kicked Bereth to his back and he flew trough roof to strong sunīs shine...
    Bereth wanished...
    Hmm, I tough he would welcome sun light after the whole life in shadows, humpf...

    End of part 1 - Bereth
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    Part 2 - Unzeralth

    (Unzeralth quickly)
    Me too!
    Gelen got hitten in back and fell on ground...
    Cīmon, stand up, man!
    You wish!
    Gelen stood up...
    And die!
    Gelen got hitten the same way as before...
    Ah, this is not original...
    Then lets fight!
    Unzeralth in his favourite eight meters tall body jumped in front of Gelen...
    Oh god!...
    Unzeralth fisted Gelen into the ground...
    After a while...
    Ouch, my head...
    Gelen stood up slowly...
    Where the hell is he?
    Unzeralth stomped on Gelen...
    What is happening?
    Gelen was resisting him...
    God damn it he is heavy!
    (fired rocket noice)
    Unzeralth saw missile targeting him...
    Missile hitted Unzeralth in chest and blast threw him fifty meters in back...
    Well, my dear, when husband is not enough, his wife must come to aid him!
    Sahgreptiglion! So glad to see you!
    Unzeralth was slowly loosing his highness...
    Rest is up to me, go command the rest of our soldiers!
    Yes, general!
    Miss S. ran out...
    Gelen put on fist of god and started to ran towards Unzeralth...
    If I canīt beat you with strenght... (breath 2x) ...I will use my power!
    As Gelen was close to Unzeralth, Unzeralth blinded him with light and Gelen missed...
    Aaaar, my eyes!
    It is time to end this!
    Unzeralth grabbed Gelenīs hand and neck and was strangling him...
    Gelen fastly moved his hand and grabbed the mask from pocket...
    The fist gave electricity inside of Gelen as well as in Unzeralth...
    (they both - scream of pain)
    Then Gelen dropped the mask and punched Unzeralth...
    Unzeralth fell on ground...
    We... fought together once... Gelen...
    Yes... you should have not attacked me...
    Gelen sitted on Unzeralth and was fisting him in head...
    This is for everything!
    Gelen charged himself with dark energy and fisted Unzeralth in neck...
    Hgrghhhh.... chrh... egh...
    Unzeralth died...
    Gelen walked a few steps, then lyied on ground and started to rest...

    End of part 2 - Unzeralth
    End of episode 13 - The gods
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    Episode 14

    The next day...
    So, after a good rest I am ready to finally kill you, father.
    Gelen made his way to heaven...
    All was as the last time - broken gate, ruined city, damaged fortification...
    After an hour of walking Gelen came to the dark temple, which was repaired...
    Gates opened...
    Come in, my son...
    Gelen came inside...
    The gates closed...
    Time to die!
    Lactus jumped down and tried to fist Gelen, but he dodged it and jumped away...
    Lactus was firing fire rings and Gelen was throwing blades...
    Still the same, you are weak, you canīt fight against me!
    You think!
    Lactus teleported out and kicked Gelen to head from behind...
    Au, is this the hell how you care about your kid?!
    Yes, as good as you taking care of me as father!
    Lactus prepared strange ionic fire orb, but Gelen bodychecked him and they were no longer affected by gravitation of heaven...
    Die, die, die, die, die, die, die!
    They were fisting each other as they were falling towards Earth...
    Lactus put his legs on Gelenīs chest, but Gelen grabbed them and smashed him into the ground...
    Not this time father!
    If you guess!
    Gelen landed on ground a few meters out of Lactus...
    They both stood up and ran towards each other...
    They at the same time fisted each other in head and flew away...
    It is time to end this!
    Lactus summoned ionic fire orb and smashed it into ground...
    A ground crack followed this and was moving to Gelen...
    What is this?
    When the crack reached Gelen, it blew him up in the air and created volcano under him...
    Oh godly mistaken sausage...
    Lactus pointed on volcano and then moved his hand to Gelen...
    Volcano erupted and Gelen has tooken full damage...
    Gelen fell inside of volcano...
    Lets kill him already!
    Lactus flew inside the volcano...
    (Gelen to himself)
    What is this about?
    And how the hell am I supposed to get out of here!?
    Gelen found a big rock and hid behind it...
    After a little while Lactus came...
    Son, son, sonny, son, where are you?
    Do not hide from me!
    Lactus was walking around and searching for Gelen...
    (Gelen to himself)
    Yes, yes just a few more steps Lactus, cīmon...
    Hmm, nice rock, are you behind it?
    Lactus fisted the rock and it cracked in half...
    He is not here, hmm...
    No, but right behind you!
    Gelen grabbed Lactusī neck...

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    Is this all?
    It is enough!
    Gelen fisted Lactus to chin and Lactus was pushed away...
    Lactus stood up and shooted fire beam at Gelen...
    Feel the wrath of the highest god!
    Uah-arr, uaraaaaa!...
    Gelen exploded and dark blue light raised from his body...
    Itīs over!
    Lactus stopped the beam...
    From behind raised dust and ash...
    It is not!
    Lactus shooted fire at Gelen in dust, but when dust was gone, Lactus realized there isnīt Gelen in it...
    Gelen fired darkness beam at Lactus from behind and badly hurted him...
    Lactus was paralyzed a while, after a few moments he stood up...
    Impresive, I did not expect such power... But I have absolutly no interest... of dying here!
    Lactus powerfully hitted ground and a Sun rushed out of it...
    Lactus kicked the Sun and it moved towards Gelen...
    Ah, that heat...
    That is nothing, feel this!
    Lactus made the Sun move closer to Gelen and concentrated all its power on him...
    Gelen was burned more and more...
    Do not worry my friend!
    Rich threw at Gelen Amulet of Eyekis...
    This amulet is made of all the daggers, smash it inside your weapon and destroy him!
    And please, take care of my family!
    I will!
    Rich flew inside Sun and it exploded...
    Ah, damn you demon!
    Lactus fired fire beam at Gelen and Gelen fired darkness beam at Lactus...
    However, Gelen was more powerful and easily beaten beam of Lactus...
    Lactus slowly stood up after hit of beam, but then fell on ground again...
    Itīs over!
    Gelen very powerfully punched Lactus into neck and created crack in it...
    Then he used the Sword of God with Amulet of Eyekis and pierced with it Lactus...
    No, no... NOOOO!
    Lactus was slowly dissapearing...
    So... you are strong... but the throne will change you... ... ...he will change you!
    Lactus wanished...
    Farewell... father...
    Gelen made his way back to Ziaxaruax...
    Where is he?
    Rich will never again return, as far as he was able to return every time, this time he do not have body to return into...
    He told me it, he told me that he... (crying)
    Do not worry, I will take care of you.
    What about Lactus?
    May the peace rule again!
    After a few minutes the rest of army arrived...
    Lord Gelen, where is lord Lactus?
    Defeated, Ray...
    Oh, that is nice, after all, this war nearly killed us!
    Good to see you in one piece, Satan.
    I suppose my brother died.
    Hmm... I actually never knew him well, but he was great war general!
    Yes, he was, Sahgreptiglion.
    Time to go...
    But where?
    I will teleport us all to heaven, where now I belong and you all under my command too, Satan.
    Later at temple of Lactus...
    (Elyectus Gaarion)
    You did well, Gelen, I am proud of you, now, please, take your rightful place among the gods!
    Thank you, lord Gaarion!
    Gelen sit down on throne for the highest god...
    Long live lord Gelen!
    Long live lord Gelen!!
    Later, when only Gelen was at temple...
    I am thankful!
    Welcome back son, now, that you have killed your father, lord Lactus, I am ready to make my vengeance!
    Humans had destroyed my temple, broken my statues saying: we are way too strong, gods canīt defeat us!
    Now it is time to teach humanity a lesson!
    I get it now, it was not Lactus, who wanted to kill everyone, it was you!
    And now that you have killed the only one, who could have stopped me, I can start my poison storm!
    You are my enemy, not Lactus, you should have paid, not him!
    Oh, come on, join me and we all can be one big happy family!
    Nothing has changed, the war just started!
    Gelen grabbed Mirakozīs neck, but she wanished into shadows...
    Damn it!
    Gotta destroy her before things gets worse!

    End of episode 14
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    Part * - Outro

    Thank you all for reading until the end. We are very grateful!

    Ziaxaruax Kristina - Kristina Puric

    Ray Kraiger - Raimonds Kramens

    Satan - Miroslav Cina

    Jedynousk, the orc leader - Greber Kristof

    George Ken (translator from Greece) - Giorgos Kenanopoulos

    Special thanks:


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    Hello, a new part is now avaible [#6].
    (This post will be deleted and reuploaded with actual informations once there is something new to report)
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    I seem to be unable to delete my older posts...
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that one new part is up and running; during July/August I can write a lot (and hopefully publish the damn thing already! x)) but until then it will be one part per day (if even)

    UPDATE: I accidentaly dropped my notebook on the floor from about 2 meters height, so I basically can't do much on it, I'll try to fire up the old one, but no promises...
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    Final Update


    As the title suggests, there will be no more "Update!" posts besides this one, at least for the distant future. But to the contents:

    I began fixing all the parts anew - fixing grammar errors, typos, sentence structures, e.c..
    ALL parts of "Episode 1 - The Fall" will be updated on this forum as I fix them. I will eventually fix the rest of the book trilogy (Crushing The Heaven 1; Crushing the Heaven: The Raise of Death; Crushing The Heaven 2) as well but that will be viewable only in published versions of the books. It will take months, possibly years but when it's done I will write a tiny little something about it there. (Of course excluding promotional links - I plan on writing my own feelings about the trilogy, maybe copy there a Review if it ever gets one.)

    So what to expect from those books?
    Firstly it would be a bit different touch on things. As you see the parts being posted there, in the book they won't be all named, the "Part" seperation between pages will be likely completely removed.
    Secondly BRAND NEW filler pages (for example instead of stating that Gelen trained under Master Grazor there WILL be an actual insight to the training).
    Thirdly I have contacted two illustrators so it is guaranteed to see a few illustrations as well.
    Fourthly an improved and fixed grammar and mistakes on all pages.

    A goodbye note:
    I do not know upon what is based the "Views" counter on Forum Threads, but regardless achieving over 10.000 Views on a book that at that time had miserable construction and overall quality is completely insane! Thank you very much!

    And let's just say that this Trilogy will not be the end of the "CTH world". There is one short book detailing one of CTH's character's background planned .
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