The current year is 1562,Princess Igorina 16,making a few notes for the benfit of future generations.
'' Whoever it was that came up with the great idea of having the family locate to Madrid,oh boy was that ever a mistake,particularly for our Trader business,I mean really how much stock do you expect to hold when the Town only allocates 1 slot for Storage Hall,well at least the 3 Robber Camps are doing well,as are the Church Yards,but that fool Samuel,just will not sell up the third,but worry not I am keeping his stock in check ,and from what I hear he has not much longer to go anyway.
What kind of town operates with just 1 bank,and no Perfumeries,give me dirty old Paris anytime.That is enough ramblings for just now ,as I just heard there is another outbreak of Plague in town ,and two of my buildings have caught fire,it spread from next door Workers Hut..''
Live Long And Prosper....