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Thread: Semaphores

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    Can someone explain to me how to use semaphore in Transport Giant? The manual is pretty poor when it comes to this kind of information, and even if I try to do everything according to the description, you still have problems with the trains ...

    For example, I want to bring two trains to the station with one platform, so that during a stop of one train station, waited a second before the semaphore until the departure of the first train and release the space. Unfortunately, it is usually so that either the two trains crossed by a cofferdam their way, or if you are already a stop before the semaphore is incredibly long waits to enter the station until the first train is away on his second or final destination ...

    In attachment I added screen with semaphores to this situation

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    Hi,there used to be a guide to signals in TG if you don't have it,I will try to find a copy and post it here.

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