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    [REL]Another Immortal Char Mod (Originally by chant)

    Hi everyone. I used the codes provided by chant and applied them for Renaissance. I have tested it personally and it works for me.

    To use this mod:

    1. Download the attachment provided below. Overwrite the original CityPingHour.lua ( located under ***\Scripts\City\ ) using the one from the attachment. (**Remember to save a backup copy before you do this**)

    2. Open config.ini, look for [GAME] & add the following lines below it:

    CHEAT_Immortal = 1
    CHEAT_ImmortalAge = 20 (or whatever age you prefer)
    And you're done. Enjoy!

    Edit: This is for version 4.1.
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    does this mean once a char hits the age of 20 he will not age anymore? or ur starting char is age 20 and stays there? will kids age to adulthood? also are they truly immortal or just dont age?

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    I use this mod...

    your Dynasty chars will stay at the age of 20 after they reached it, or if they are older (though marryage), they get set back to 20.

    all it does as far as i was able to see, set the birthage every round to new year minus 20 if they are older than 20.

    Your Chars can still die, though illnesses or in fights.

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    Ah yes. This mod will reset your dynasty characters' age to 20 ( 20 is a default value set by me, you always can change it by editing the value of CHEAT_ImmortalAge ) Anyway, I believe there has been a similar mod in the stickys which has more in depth details about this mod. I created this mod rather abruptly due to many requests for it earlier on.

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