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    I have NVidia GeForce 8500GT. I have allready installed the original game, downloaded Nvidia Mod Update v1.0 (100mb) but i can't download the Nvidia Mod Update v1.02, the links are incorrect. Please, give some proper link on this file ... i have a great desire to play this game! Thanks a lot!

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    AVG Confirms file in this archive as an infection

    I have had the latest AVG antivirus software keep popping up a notice that a file in this archive is infected. I sent the file off to AVG for analasys and they sent back the following after doing a manual deep scan on it:

    This email is an auto-response message. Please do not reply.

    AVG Anti-virus Research Lab has analyzed the file(s) you have sent from your AVG Virus Vault. Below you can find the results for each file. The final verdict on the file is either a correct detection or a false positive detection.

    Further information about the verdicts are available at our website:

    "D:\Industry Giant II\gfx\1_buildings\1_factories\1_buildings\13_Glas hntte\01_00_Glasfabrik_modul_s.tga" - detection is correct

    Best regards,

    AVG Technical Support
    So, if this file is safe or not, Im going to error on the side of safety and choose to believe the AVG Technical scanning department when they took the time to do a manual deep analysys of the file. You folks can do as you please, I just felt that I should report back what AVG reported to me on the file, you all can decide for yourselves.

    Win 32/Polycrypt virus is what AVG reports it as.
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    Smile The Files Please

    Can someone PLEASE download the Nvidia Mod/Fixes to another (easy to access - free) file site like filefront or something like that since we cannot seem to be able to get to the links - and maybe make one compressed file out of 1.0-1.02
    I have been trying for a while to find these files and I cannot

    Thank you

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    Hi to all who cant find the Nvidia files, I have just fond this site with the links on, am in the process of downloading them .......Fingers crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_f View Post
    Hi to all who cant find the Nvidia files, I have just fond this site with the links on, am in the process of downloading them .......Fingers crossed
    The above link is NOT work safe friendly, nor child friendly.
    It would be better to just post the link codes that appear on that page as thus and you'll have to wait between downloads as only allows free downloads of xxx per every xxx minutes/hours etc:


    Industry Giant II NVIDIA Fix 1.10

    Industry Giant II NVIDIA Fix 1.20

    (actually, all files you download from anyplace or person)
    , while the location they come from ( probably does it, the place where they were posted from might be of a dubious nature.
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    Download files

    Thanks, Citybuilder.

    I've downloaded the files, but I'm not very good with these type of things. Started out by hitting 'Run' on the download box, which failed because it said that it did not have all the files it needed. So, saved the files to my desktop, which took a while with the 100 minute wait between downloads. Read the 'Read me' file, extracted the files to the IG program folder, then had problems.

    The files ended up in a 'Nvidia Fix 1.0' folder in the IG folder. Running the bat file did not seem to do anything, and there were no files to overwrite. What did I do wrong? The second part seemed to be a copy of the first part and just overwrote what was in the Nvidia folder, and again the bat file did not seem to do anything and none of the IG orginal files were overwritten.

    Did I need to do something other than 'extract files to. . .' ?

    I really, really, really want to play this game, could someone please tell me what to do??

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    You have to extract the .rar file to your desktop, and you should get 'Nvidia Fix 1.0' folder: Now go into the folder and copy all the files [should be: gfx, uif] and paste them in the ig2 folder overwriting the original files.

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    Thanks Stripe89.

    Do I extract then paste each part seperately? When I extract the part 2 file it posts to the same Nvidia Fix 1.0 file and then overwrites what the part 1 rar put into the folder. Is that right?
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    you choose al of the parts:


    and then - right click on one of them - extract here -

    now you yust enter the folder, copy all the files, and past them to the ig2 folder.

    hope this will help you.

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    Thankyou, I've never had to unzip a file in parts before so did not know what to do.

    I may have done something wrong, though I started the game after pasting all the file. It did not do an engine test (thank heavens), but it crashed on startup with an error message:-

    'ign2.exe has encountered a problem'

    and asked me to send an error report to Microsoft (which I did).

    The message in the tray at the bottom of the screen said (after a few '!'s ) 'Found unknown text'.

    Did I do something wrong. Has anyone else had this error message?

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    Nvidia Mod Update v1.02

    I have a gForce 7800 GT and I have only found Nvidia Mod v1.0.

    Can someone tell me how to download Nvidia Mod Update v1.02 ?

    I've tried several times to download it with the link at the begining of the thread but I have never managed to see anything but "connection cancelled".

    Can someone upload it on a server like rapidshare?

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    @ Enuf

    Quote Originally Posted by Enuf View Post
    Thankyou, I've never had to unzip a file in parts before so did not know what to do.
    The 4 parts (1.00.part1.rar ... 1.00.part4.rar) should self extract into 1 single file.
    Likewise for 1.10 !

    It's all good!


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    Yes, thanks Delacroixp, it did, and I then copied the files over to the main IG2 folder in Programs. That right too, yes?

    But then, when I started the game, it crashed. It seems there was some problem with the ig2.exe file. I cannot copy the error file that Windows wants to send to Microsoft, but reading it there was an Exception error:-

    Code 0xc0000005

    The file contained listing of 68 different 'modules', 1 thread and what looked like a lot of machine code.

    Should I uninstall, reinstall and try again? Should I have downloaded any of the other patches from the IG site? I have the gold edition, so from the threads here, I thought not.

    Any ideas? Anyone?

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    Multiplayer problems?

    Hi all, I have done everything to get IG2 to work on my PC. After I downloaded all the files and done everything. I am glad that I can play it now. But only in Single Player mode.

    My problems:
    1. When I am playing and then return to main menu the game crashes and throws me back into Windows. Any help here?

    2. I am not able to play this game over LAN. Is it the mod that is doing this? And how can I resolve the problem, as we are a family of 4 wanting to LAN it against each other.

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    This is my first post here.

    I have also just bought this game as it was very very cheap.
    But got the blank screen thing on my PC so am going to try the patch out.
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    Graphics card XFX 7600GT 256MB

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