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    As a mercenary, do a save somewhere near...

    As a mercenary, do a save somewhere near Sentenza, just in case. Then using either acrobatics or snapperweed, run like the wind into Onar's farm and stop near Torlof, at that sort of intersection...
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    I get the immersion thing, and it does add to the...

    I get the immersion thing, and it does add to the game a lot. So I really should not have taken PB to task, they have created, in Gothic and Gothic II NotR, the best RPGs I ever played.
  3. Another really useful two-hander in the early game (NotR)

    Someone on the World of Gothic German forum made me aware of a very, very useful weapon in the early game. It is available from Gorax in the Monastery. its name is Ulthar's Wand. It costs 1000 gold...
  4. useful two-handed weapons in Gothic II Night of the Raven: SPOILERS

    Not often mentioned in guides etc are two weapons I find really useful: the staff mace (can be found in the goblin cave behind Onar's house, and also bought), and Typhoon (bought from Cronos on...
  5. ok, I've discovered the true facts: thanks to Arkhain in the World of Gothic forum

    This is about paying Innos 100 gp in Gothic II NotR while guildless. How, exactly, does it work? What am I offered and when?

    Arkhain said that at first you are only offered a choice between DEX...
  6. Prayers to Innos for 100 gold pieces in NotR

    I know this is not a new topic and I've read what is posted on this and other boards, and the result seems to be a certain amount of confusion in my mind: possibly this arises because the thing works...
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    monsters killing monsters

    I don't expect there's anyone out there still playing NotR. I'm in the early game for the 5th time and am noticing that in many places monsters are busy taking out monsters. For instance, in the...
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    If anyone is like me, still playing this...

    If anyone is like me, still playing this wonderful game, locutus1 is absolutely right: when you first arrive at the gate, do not give Henry the message from Malcom about the wood. You just have to...
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