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Board rules

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The official Nordic Games - Rules:

  • Laws
    The laws of the Republic of Austria are respected and enforced within these boards. Violating those laws can lead to federal punishment.
    Admins of the Nordic Games boards are authorized and able to collect data which can be used to determinate a user`s identity and in the case of a lawsuit, those data will be given to the authorities.
    Violation of laws is always a reason for permanent ban.

  • Netiquette:
    Insulting and provoking other users and / or members of the team is strictly forbidden.
    It can be reason for warnings and permanent ban.

  • Software Piracy, Cracks and illegal downloads
    Suggesting, praising, linking to and asking for copyright protected content for illegal reasons is strictly forbidden.
    Cracked games won't get any support. Linking to cracks is strictly forbidden too.
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.

  • Porn
    The linking to, advertising of and implementing into the boards (Signature, implemented pic, Avatar...) is forbidden. Make sure to check your site before posting it!
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.

  • Racism, Fascism and Dicrimination
    Such a behavior won`t be punished with warnings and bans only, but also with federal prosecution according to applicable Austrian law. Linking to pages containing material of racism, fascism or discrimination is stricly forbidden too. Check your site before posting it!
    It can be reason for warnings and permanent ban.

  • Advertising
    Ads and advertising links to commercial products, companies or websites, "thief games" (browser games based upon guiding or tricking users to a specific url), cost-free presents and propagation of email-adresses are forbidden.
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.
    Links and ads for non-commercial fan projects are tolerated if posted into the right sub-boards and if the pages are not cramped by material which falls under the first paragraph of this rule.

  • Glorification of violence
    Although some games may have violent content, we won`t tolerate links, pictures and quotes that are used to glorify violence. may be a thin line between allowed and forbidden, so please think twice before posting questionable content.
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.

  • Multiple Registration
    Multiple registration with different usernames is not allowed. All accounts will be banned except the first one, which will get a warning.
    In case of recurrence the first account will be banned too.
    Creating a new account after being banned will result in an immediate ban upon detection. Promoting or supporting the use of such an account is not allowed and will result in penalties.

  • Choose the right board
    Please choose the board that fits your topic / opinion / question. Nordic Games has lots of subboards implemented, and the community of „Game A“ won`t discuss with or help you if you are starting a thread about „Game B“.
    Also make sure that you use only the appropriate language for the subboard.

  • Don`t duplicate threads
    If a thread to your topic already exists, use that one instead of creating a new one.

  • Don´t do multiple postings!
    The posting of the same content into different threads, sub-boards and boards is forbidden.

  • Don`t post nonsense!
    Nonsense-, Smiley-only and empty posts are not welcome within the threads and boards as well as quoting whole threads. There may be reserved areas for spam and off-topic posts, where nonsense is tolerated, these threads are often named „tavern“ or „nonsense thread“.

  • Use a fitting headline
    When creating new threads, the headline should inform the other users about the content. Shouting is not welcome.

  • Use pf thread keywords
    The keywords you might add to any topic serve as a help for users to identify the topic's content and are very helpful for the board's search function.

    Therefore these keywords should fit the topic in an objective way and should not contain any personal opinions about the topic or senseless descriptions.

  • Signature Rules
    The signature height is limited to 6 rows of normal text size, including pictures. More information can be found in the User-FAQ.

  • Support for Non-Nordic-Games-Titles
    Asking for support for non-Nordic-Games-titles is not tolerated.

  • Public discussion of infractions
    Infractions are not allowed to be discussed in public, except in case when both user and moderator agree on it. If the latter is the case, it can only be discussed in a dedicated feedback thread.

  • Additions to the board rules
    The board rules are supplemented by the User-FAQ. These are part of the rules.

  • Exceptions from these rules
    There may be exceptions in particular cases, but those can be granted by Admins and Mods only.

  • The administration can always change those rules within the limits of federal law.

  • Responsible editor: Philipp Brock

If there are any questions, contact a moderator or admin within the board or write to

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