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  1. HELP!! Please. Anyone who has the Demo can help me.
  2. Game Glitches
  3. Will not run under Win XP Pro
  4. Solution for those with XP troubles...
  5. WW3 Setup problems on WinXP
  6. Big problem
  7. Problem in XP? or Voodoo3 ?
  8. Problems running WW3 ? Please read.
  9. F**k someone help me
  10. error in setup.exe or WHO CODED THIS GAME neway??
  11. Editor Question. Help
  12. Menu and Text problems
  13. WW3 just seem to want to work...
  14. Game Locks up
  15. HELP: Camera rotation doesnt work
  16. Cut off text in the Construction Screen (more)
  17. WinXP Patch
  18. my install error
  19. Please add option to speed up research in future patch.
  20. Multiplayer reboots system
  21. Win2k
  22. cheats
  23. Game crash on run, please help!
  24. Exit to decktop
  25. Graphics Problem
  26. Kamerasteuerung
  27. Not able to rotate camera...
  28. error loading
  29. Skirmish
  30. Help!!! Cant Install The Game!!!!!
  31. graphics don't work properly
  32. Serial number
  33. Warnet is down again!!!
  34. WW3 and XP
  35. WW3 UND win2000
  36. problem
  37. game freezes up
  38. Can't even get it to accept my serial #.
  39. Test Graphics "Good" : Run Game "Bad"
  40. Loading Using A TDK CD/RW Drive
  41. It wont let me play the game
  42. Wierd menu text problems on WW3 & Rally demo...
  43. Cant Network Game
  44. Game Slow Down
  45. Sound issues
  46. world war 3 freezing
  47. My 2 cents worth - start up errors
  48. Graphics pop up
  49. This game does not run under WIN XP!!!
  50. white screen
  51. Problems with Cam in game
  52. Absolutely won't work under XP for me
  53. It doesn't run!!!
  54. help me
  55. Soundhardwaresoundcheck doesn't work
  56. Setup.exe patch does not work...
  57. Instructions on game play................
  58. minor bug(start button)
  59. I'm unable to install
  60. confused
  61. Trouble with play on warnet
  62. Won't start
  63. Sound Issues Urgent
  64. Soundhardware
  65. Sporadic Distortion
  66. ww3 doesn't run
  67. Can we at least know what your plans are?
  68. Modem Direct play
  69. Can't even enter Multiplayer screen!
  70. need bigger map
  71. Posible Lenguage Patch?
  72. The Demo Will Not Run!
  73. No Sound with Game
  74. Restoring an Autosave game in Multiplayer LAN
  75. Ways to Cheat?
  76. No Menu graphics when game starts
  77. I don't Get it
  78. Patriot and Russian Scud?
  79. What TCP and/or UDP ports are used in a network game?
  80. mouse will not work
  81. I see I'm not the only one with trouble
  82. What if they won't take the game back?
  83. I agree
  84. wont go invalid serial number
  85. Sometimes it's russian roulette
  86. Any chance of a multiplayer save?
  87. will not load
  88. Plex: Please make an option to turn of Mipmapping!!
  90. Poll : Who hasn't gotten their game to run?
  91. Stuck at config dialog when starting the game.
  92. error message when starting game.
  93. mouse still not working
  94. Problem with Warnet
  95. Game wont load, 98, dump in note
  96. Plex: I notice you skipped over my post
  97. Rage Fury Maxx and WINXP
  98. online problem
  99. I can't install.. new error
  100. no derial number
  101. I cant get past the Setup screen and its pissing me off!!!!
  102. Warnet Problems
  103. installed fine, setup seems fine...never asks for serail number and will not run.HELP
  104. Can't get off the Setup screen eh?
  105. how to set up my router for ww3?
  106. No Serial Number
  107. Cannot Get game to work freezes up
  108. System hangs while in game.
  109. "DirectPlay Voice has encountered an error (The error code was 0x80004005"
  110. Cannot detect 3D Accelerated Video card
  111. new system info
  112. keep getting directplay error
  113. Game crashes after loading mission
  114. Whats The Point
  115. cd key
  116. This ones for everyone
  117. Voodoo Issue
  118. Problem accessing multiplayer and new maps
  119. Setup problem
  120. Patches (07-31-02)
  121. I give up JoWooD. Have a Yagermeister on me.
  122. Win 98 Patch??
  123. I just cant not continue.
  124. Big Problm
  125. Setup Resolution Problem - Hellppp
  126. Wrong DISC Error
  127. Can"t Find Game To Join In Warnet
  128. Progress report...?
  129. Skirmish problem...
  130. Serioius Issues
  131. Game Shutsdown
  132. Setup problems while installing WW3 on a Laptop...
  133. Anyone Can Help Me!!!!!!
  134. Lockup
  135. Game Crashes
  136. Crash when clicking on multiplayer
  137. How can I go about returning this game. Fed up........
  138. When putting the game, does not find the kept games me.
  139. when i put the game, the computer doesn't find the saved games
  140. Cannot scroll camera clockwise/anti-clockwise
  141. World War Iii Doesn´t Load Saved Games
  142. VooDoo and WW3
  143. me cago men la puta madre k os pario,la version española es una estafa
  144. la version española no guarda las partidas de la campaña de Ee.uu
  145. tech suport for spain yaaaaaa k el juego no graba koño
  146. Soporte En Español Yaaaaa
  147. ESPAÑA si no os graba las partidas en ee.uu firmar aki. ARRIBA ESPAÑA
  148. K Paiiiixaaaa Niño, Vamos A Liarla K Se Enteren
  149. Tech Support??? Support Of Thieves
  150. Win 98 + Ww3 V.espain=patch Yaaaaaa
  151. We Want A Patch For Spanish Version
  152. Juez Estas X Aki??? Esto Ya Les Tiene Kaber Entrao...
  153. Pa Los K No Saben De K Va.hoy Ya Hece 4 Dias K Pedimos Esto De Buenas Maneras.
  154. Pos Juez Empezemos A Mandar Mails A Las Revistas Y Foros Online
  155. publicaciones online en las k se va a denunciar este abuso de jowoos:pido colaboracio
  156. copia del mail de denuncia k estoy mandando:ya podeis copiar y mandar
  157. Ayudanos A Denunciar A Estos Ladrones
  158. niño toavia tas ahi??? x hoy kreo k ya hemos metio kaña de sobras jajajajaja
  159. Este juego es una mierda
  160. error in <unknown> at startup
  161. WW3 doesn´t load saved games
  162. Plex coje un diccionario hijo puta
  163. jajajajajjajajajajaj iuuuujuuuuu juez lee esto y pa toos los k no os grabe
  164. eres cojonudooooooooo psycogoa
  165. Why wont this game WORK?
  166. No serial key
  167. juez me gusta esa rectificacion jaja pro es k taba tan emocionado k pase dr mejorarlo
  168. Gente ke kiera formar una liga Española
  169. Voodoo Fix, Worked for me! Read:
  170. Prgram not starting up
  171. skirmish
  172. CAN't input serial number at start page
  173. the aeroplanes
  174. Video Card
  175. Can it be done????
  176. Españolessss Unámonossss
  177. lost jewel case with serial number
  178. ww3 will not start
  179. Help!!!
  180. Need an answer on "Wrong Disc"
  181. Sound Card
  183. JO WOOD TECH: Please Respond
  184. Same problems as others.
  185. can't play the game
  186. ww3 wont install after getting new computer
  187. Still No Answer For Spanish Version?
  188. tech issue on ww3
  189. Install File Corrupt !!!
  190. Kernel32 error/Wrong Disc Inserted
  191. It says "no disk inserted"
  192. What Does Technical Support Mean For You, Mr. Jowood?
  193. Xp Patch
  194. Low Memory?
  195. Hard to read text
  196. Same Problem As Others - Wrong Disk Inserted Error!!
  197. Warnet Problems
  198. Wrong Disc Inserted Error... Read here for answers
  199. Another soundcard issue.
  200. Win95 update patch version?
  201. No serial number
  202. WWIII Game not starting
  203. Crash to desktop
  204. Failed Graphics Setup
  205. Patched EXE
  206. networking games
  207. Windows XP patch
  208. Corrupt Installation
  209. JoWood Tech Support is a JOKE!
  210. Still won't work
  211. Optical mice
  212. Spanish Version dosn't Work
  213. Spanish version: USA games are not saved correctly.
  214. No Serial Number
  215. WW3 will not start
  216. user created games
  217. Things I've learned
  218. sound test error
  219. I don't think it's hard to solve it!!!
  220. Pitty...
  221. Continuing USA Campain
  222. stand by your product
  223. world war 3 wont run
  224. help world war 3 wont run
  225. Uh, Hello JELLOHEADS!!!!!!!!!
  226. ww3 wont load
  227. game wont play
  228. Serial number problems
  229. frustrated big time!!!!!!
  230. my puter reboots
  231. Where's the ****ing patch????
  232. Game a NO GO on Windows XP!!!
  233. Serial Number!!!!!
  234. Does Warnet Work
  235. Am I writing to a tech. support??
  236. Warnet Agian
  237. Where is my serial number???
  238. problem in cuafu's tower
  239. Game Dont Play!
  240. tech support aint no support
  241. how did ya build this game
  242. The patch is only for the real game
  243. Chi mi aiuta......
  244. Crash Dump for Graphics Setup
  245. won't install game?
  246. Problems with Router - WorldNet
  247. serial number!!
  248. mouse movement
  249. no go on video
  250. vid on blink